21 Blogging Milestones on the Path to World Domination

21 Blogging Milestones on the Path to World Domination

21 Blogging Milestones on the Path to World Domination

It’s okay to confess it.

That deep, darkish secret you don’t want everyone to realize.

That idea which maintains you up night time after night.

You need… to rule the world!

You need to dominate your industry and be the envy of all. You need the residence within the Hamptons and the spoils that go with it. You need two appetizers together with your entry.

But you’re afraid.

You’re terrified of what others will say when they listen approximately your dream. You’re afraid it’s going to appear too huge — too crazy. Just like you’re frightened of what the waitress will think in case you order onion earrings and fowl tenders.

But primarily?

You’re afraid due to the fact you don’t recognise wherein to start. You don’t know the way to move from in which you’re as a blogger to in which you want to be. You don’t know the way to get from here to there.

The top news?

Just like consuming an elephant, you don’t do it multi functional chew.

World domination — or any most important blogging goal — is a adventure you’re taking one milestone at a time.

For a handy visible of the 21 blogging milestones (that you may share and embed on your very own website online), test out the image beneath (click to see a bigger view):

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Why Bloggers Need Meaningful Milestones

When you wreck huge responsibilities into small, plausible ones, what as soon as seemed massive and scary isn’t as daunting.

Renovating your complete home? Start by way of painting a room. Want to be famous creator? Land your first writing job. Want to begin a rock band? Get a guitar and start training.

Blogging isn’t any extraordinary.

Your adventure as a blogger is packed with incremental milestones. They start small, steadily increase in length, and culminate with you proudly owning sharks with frickin’ laser beams connected to their heads.

Want 10,000 subscribers? Start with 100. Want to stop your process? Focus on making your first sale. Want to be Jon Morrow’s excellent pal? Get him to notice you.

These milestones contain your bucket listing. They spotlight what you’ve already executed, what you’re striving toward next, and what still lies some distance ahead of you.

To assist you on your quest, here are the 21 major blogging milestones (and the way to attain each one).

Ready? Let’s dive in.

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#1. Starting Your Blog

You’ve been speakme about doing it for all time.

You’ve been studying blogs like Smart Blogger, Blogging Wizard, and Be A Better Blogger for months.

You’ve been making plans, scheming, and daydreaming approximately starting a blog for see you later that humans have began to worry about that glazed appearance to your eyes.

So don’t you believe you studied it’s time you eventually did it?

How to Start a Blog

Simple. Read this: How to Start a Blog in 2020 (+ Resources on EVERYTHING!). It’s Jon’s epic manual that’ll train you the entirety you want to recognise.

What to Do Next

Once your weblog is up and strolling, it’s time to start writing.

But first, savor this second. You’ve already carried out greater than many wannabe bloggers ever do…

You’ve began a weblog. You did it.


Let’s get to work.

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#2. Writing Your First Blog Post

Bloggers weblog. It’s what we do.

So when you’ve setup your blog on WordPress, Medium, or anyplace, it’s time to make this entire “running a blog factor” legit.

It’s time to jot down your first publish.

How to Write a Blog Post

Don’t recognise in which to begin? Check out our in-intensity manual.

Pick a splendid headline. Your posts should have unique, interest-grabbing titles. And don’t be afraid to throw in a energy phrase or .

Write irresistible subheads. No sense having a first-rate headline if your subheads are flat and dull.

Write with readability. Avoid redundant terms and empty, flabby, filler phrases.

Master WordPress. Save precious time by way of getting to know guidelines, hints, and hacks for WordPress.

What to Do Next

After you publish your weblog submit, it’s time to sell it.

Share it together with your buddies and own family on e-mail and social media. Email it on your subscribers too (if you have any yet).

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#three Getting Your First Tweet

Getting your content shared on social media for the first time is a big milestone.

Each time your posts are tweeted, pinned, or appreciated, your content material is exposed to new readers.

These new readers are potential e mail subscribers. Potential clients. Potential allies for your quest for international domination.

How to Get People to Share Your Content

Make it outstanding clean to share your posts. Sharing buttons for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Should be smooth in your readers to locate.

Make positive your posts are worth. If you write posts that trade your readers, they won’t be able to help themselves — they’ll have to percentage them.

Be tweetable. Use short, quotable messages in your posts.

Share it yourself. How can you expect others to share your content in case you don’t?

What to Do Next

Be friendly and appreciative. When someone shares one among your posts, thank them. In addition to being appropriate form, this act of gratitude will increase the probability they’ll proportion your posts again within the destiny.

To raise the quantity of shares you get hold of, attempt using exciting pictures with embedded headlines as the featured pics on your posts. Be positive to pick out a applicable photo, or one which creates curiosity.

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#four. Receiving Your First Blog Comment From a Stranger

It ultimately befell.

The second you find out someone aside from your mother is studying your weblog.

Your first comment from a stranger.

It’s the first sign you’re enticing a real target audience (no longer just friends and own family).

The first indication your phrases are hanging a chord with readers.

The first evidence you have got what it takes to succeed.

How to Get Blog Comments

Make it as easy as viable for traffic to comment. Don’t do whatever to discourage engagement.

Visit different blogs in your area of interest and go away inquisitive, insightful comments. Many bloggers will return the desire.

Join applicable Facebook groups. People are down on Facebook nowadays, but being an lively member of one or Facebook organizations is an exquisite way to let potential readers understand your weblog exists.

Give humans what they want. Answer questions readers want responded, and they’ll comment.

What to Do Next

Were you raised in a barn? Thought not. So after you’ve acquired a comment, respond to it. Continue enticing with your reader.

Next, go to their weblog and depart them a comment. If they don’t have a weblog, thank them in an e mail.

True, this level of willpower can be difficult once you’re receiving dozens of remarks.

But for your blog’s early days? There’s definitely no proper purpose now not to move above and past to explicit your appreciation.

After you’ve acquired some remarks, it’s time to implement strategies to in addition raise your remark be counted.

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#5. Gaining Your First Email Subscriber

“The money is in the listing,” says every blogger (even supposing nobody has asked them).

It’s cliché, but it’s real.

Email subscribers are some distance more likely to read, proportion, and engage along with your content material than a person who truly follows you on Twitter or “likes” you on Facebook.

Email cuts via the noise.

A character may acquire some dozen emails in a day, however they’ll receive numerous hundred (or extra) tweets from their fans.

If you need to reach the pinnacle of the running a blog mountain, you should construct your electronic mail list.

And it all starts offevolved with that first subscriber.

How to Get Email Subscribers

Sign up for an email advertising company. MailChimp has a unfastened model, but if you need to send autoresponder emails, you’ll want the paid model or go to any other provider like AWeber or GetResponse.

Prominently display an decide-in form. Once you have got your email list, you need to put your decide-in shape the front and center wherein readers can without difficulty discover it.

Have a compelling call to movement at the stop of your posts. A focused CTA will growth the probability readers will subscribe.

Update your e-mail signature. Include a link to your decide-in shape within the signature of your outgoing emails, as well as your posts in blogging boards.

What to Do Next

Make your new subscriber feel welcomed.

When someone subscribes for your listing, your welcome email should be heat and alluring.

Encourage them to invite you a query. Tell them to observe you on Twitter and say hiya. Give them a hyperlink to an surprising freebie bonus.

(But don’t do all three right now — you might scare away your most effective subscriber!)

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#6. Getting Your First Backlink

Search engines love backlinks — they help them find out how pages are associated, and in what ways.

Landing a extremely good link from a applicable website is incredible for SEO and consequences in more seek engine site visitors flocking in your internet site. And who doesn’t need that?

When a website links to yours, it’s effectively telling Google, “This dude is cool. He’s with me.”

Want to rule the arena? You want Google to assume you’re cool.

How to Get Backlinks

Create Massive Value Content. Epic posts are commented on, shared greater, and related to more regularly.

Implement a hyperlink building strategy. Broken hyperlink constructing, community site link constructing, and other procedures are obtainable for the blogger willing to roll up their sleeves and cause them to work.

Pound the proverbial pavement. Email outreach is time eating, but it may be a quite effective approach for obtaining backlinks — if you do it proper.

Take it to the subsequent degree. Try advanced strategies like hyperlink reclamation and reverse picture search.

What to Do Next

Keep going.

Numerous untapped oneway link resources are available to bloggers willing to faucet them. And if you don’t, your competition will.

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#7. Reaching one hundred Visitors in a Single Day

In your blog’s early days, site visitors are scarce. Occasionally, you’ll surprise if every body is reading your weblog.

But slowly, little by little, your numbers creep better and higher.

And then it happens.

The day your weblog reaches triple-digit traffic. The day your hard work begins to pay off. The day you get your first flavor of power.

Intoxicating, isn’t it?

How to Get Blog Traffic

Promote on social media. Keep sharing your content to your favorite social media web sites. Use hashtags to widen your attain.

Promote daily. While you shouldn’t publish every day, you should maximum in reality promote each day.

Concentrate on novice-friendly traffic-generation techniques. Videos, infographics, and so on don’t work for beginners the manner they work for hooked up bloggers.

Put yourself for your readers’ shoes. Poor navigation, plenty of advertisements, and a mobile-unfriendly layout will alienate your readers and cause them to leap from your weblog.

What to Do Next

Implement strategies to keep readers in your blog longer. This increases stay time, that is any other manner to get Google to like you.

Linking to other posts to your weblog, embedding videos, showing associated posts, and inspiring readers to leave feedback are all powerful strategies for preserving visitors for your internet site.

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#8. Receiving Your First Piece of Fan Mail (Well, Email)

This is extraordinary.

You receive an e mail from a stranger, however it has not anything to do with male enhancement or an unexpected inheritance from overseas.

It’s an electronic mail from a reader. And she’s telling you ways a whole lot she enjoys your blog!

Your first “kudos” e mail from a reader is a huge milestone for bloggers, and those who cross on to rule the arena get hold of a lot of them.

(Mine may also or may not be revealed, framed, and putting from the walls of my workplace.)

How to Get (True) Fans

Be actual and approachable. Let your readers understand you’re a actual person.

Be useful. Make it clean on your readers you need to assist them (and now not just promote yourself).

Make interplay the norm. Respond to the comments of your readers. Acknowledge them.

What to Do Next

Reply to the email. Thank your reader for contacting you, and try to solution any questions they may have asked.

But don’t forestall there.

Follow them on social media. Visit and touch upon their weblog. Subscribe to their listing, if you like what you spot.

Your reaction will make an enduring affect in the thoughts of your reader. Don’t waste it.

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#9. Getting Your First Negative Blog Comment

After weeks of praise, attaboys, and nicely-wishes, you receive your first poor comment.

You try to giggle it off by making a “those are wherein the tears would be if I may want to cry” shaggy dog story, but it doesn’t paintings.

You’re harassed. Hurt. Maybe a little angry. (Plus, your spouse fast reminds you of the time you cried like a child watching Field of Dreams.)

Don’t permit it get you down. As you advantage in recognition, complaint is inevitable.

Consider it a badge of honor — every famous blogger receives bad feedback.

It’s evidence you’re on the proper track.

How to Reach This Milestone

Find your precise voice and stand out. Don’t be some other me too blogger — be distinct and remarkable.

Be a troublemaker. Don’t be afraid to task the popularity quo.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Haters are gonna hate. Just shake it off.

What to Do Next

As an awful lot as you would love to respond to the bad comment with a barrage of sarcastic wit and venom, don’t do it.

Delete the remark, forget about the comment, or respond to it in a expert manner. But something you do, stay calm. Don’t let the insults fly.

Others will see the way you reply, and it’s going to go away an indelible impression of you of their minds.

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#10. Landing Your First Guest Post

Sooner or later, you’ll discover that commenting on different blogs and making buddies on Twitter will enhance your site visitors most effective so far.

You need to attain new audiences.

As the advertising and marketing crowd would say, you need clean eyeballs for your content.

In different phrases, you need to jot down a visitor submit.

How to Kick Tail as a Guest Blogger

Find your target. While it could appear like an awesome idea to write a submit and then discover a blog, it’s higher to select a blog first and tailor your guest post round their target market.

Thoroughly examine the tips. Make positive you understand what’s anticipated of you, and avoid making dumb visitor blogging mistakes.

Proofread! Take the time to nicely proofread and edit your posts before filing them.

Stay fine and persevere. Sometimes you need to contact your guest submit goal or 3 instances earlier than getting ordinary. Persistence regularly can pay off.

What to Do Next

Your job isn’t completed once your visitor post is published. No siree, Bob.

You need to promote the submit to your social media money owed. You need to e-mail the post in your mailing listing (even though it’s small). You want to respond to any feedback readers depart on the publish.

And, most importantly, you need to thank the blogger or bloggers who gave you the opportunity to write for them.

Guest blogging, as plenty as something, is ready the connections you can make. Backlinks, visitors spikes, and a bump in e-mail subscribers are all first-rate.

But organising an extended-term connection with an influential weblog proprietor?

That’s well worth its weight in gold.

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#eleven. Getting Featured in Your First Interview or “Expert Roundup”

When people see you time and again mentioned on different web sites via interviews and roundups, their perceptions of you exchange.

Yesterday, you were simply an appealing man or gal oozing expertise however drowning in anonymity.

Today, you’re a freaking rock star.

You’re no more knowledgeable than you have been moments in advance, but abruptly your powerful phrases deliver extra weight with readers. That’s because someone they believe just called you an expert (or dealt with you like one).

To attain world-chief popularity, others must view you as an expert. They need to recollect you an expert to your enterprise.

Participating in interviews and roundups is a remarkable manner to make that appear.

How to Become an Influencer People Want to Interview or Quote

Create an top notch About Me page. Tell your tale, proportion testimonials, and make certain to mention you’re available for interviews.

Help A Reporter Out. Sign up for HARO and you could obtain a couple of emails every day listing people who are searching out rates from professionals.

Make your Contact web page easy to find. Don’t have one? Create one.

What to Do Next

Take advantage of the networking possibilities an interview or expert roundup creates.

If you’ve been interviewed, reply to individuals who depart comments. Engage with them. Give them a motive to visit your weblog.

If you participated in a roundup, you currently have a few not unusual floor with the other bloggers who participated.

Follow them on social media. Tag them when you tweet the roundup. Send them emails saying how plenty you enjoy their blogs.

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#12. Hitting Your First one hundred Email Subscribers


After having unmarried- and double-digit subscribers for what looks as if all the time, you subsequently attain 100. One hundred individuals decide they want updates from you.

These first one hundred subscribers are arguably your maximum crucial.

They’re those who determined your blog in its early days.

They’re the ones who determined to comply with you earlier than you had been famous.

They’re those probable to be your largest supporters as you rise thru the ranks and vanquish kingdoms.

How to Get More Email Subscribers

Be a damaged file. Keep finding motives to say your mailing list.

Give some thing away. Entice readers to enroll in your listing with the aid of imparting some thing of cost. And the earlier you’ve got an decide-in bribe to offer, the better.

Promote your choose-in shape on social media. Add an opt-in form for your Facebook page. Link in your shape for your Twitter and LinkedIn bios.

Ramp up your visitor running a blog. With a little planning to maximise results, visitor running a blog is an notable technique for constructing your e mail listing.

What to Do Next

Why no longer survey your subscribers? You’ve built a small tribe and it’s time to discover what they assume.

Find out what type of content they need you to create, and what form of content material they desire you’ll stop creating.

To inspire participation, flip your survey into a competition.

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#thirteen. Seeing a Post You Wrote Go Viral

Wow. That turned into unexpected.

One of your posts takes off. It is going viral, as the kids say.

At its handiest definition, a viral post is one that has a lifestyles past your personal merchandising of it. As such, it receives appreciably extra clicks and stocks than your standard submit.

And, as a result, your blog gets a pleasant (if brief) bump in traffic.

Even if it’s short lived, a viral post way greater eyes for your content material. And that’s simply what a potential world ruler wants.

How to Go Viral

Create percentage-worth content. If you need a submit to move viral, it have to be worth.

Use social metadata. The higher your posts look whilst shared on social media structures, the much more likely human beings will share them.

Be visual. Use lovely, shareable snap shots on your posts.

Use an fascinating headline. Jon’s Headline Hacks has some exceptional hints for headlines that move viral.

Make it smooth to skim. People examine handiest 28% of weblog content material. Make your content material smooth to skim, and you greatly growth the probabilities it is able to pass viral.

Create list posts. According to a latest content marketing case look at through Backlinko and BuzzSumo, listing posts (just like the one you’re reading now) get a median of 218% greater stocks than “the way to” posts.

What to Do Next

Since the bump in site visitors is simplest brief, you ought to capitalize on it. You must flip as lots of those site visitors into subscribers as possible.

Make certain your call to motion is apparent and singularly focused. Offer a content material upgrade for users who subscribe.

Use one of the dozens of available WordPress plugins designed to help you enhance your subscriber be counted.

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#14. Getting Mentioned or Followed through an A-listing Blogger

When Bob the bellhop from Bolivia mentions you on Twitter, a small handful of human beings will see it.

That’s pleasant.

But if John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, or Jeff Goins mentions you on Twitter, a small army will see it.

That’s even better.

When you’re mentioned or accompanied by an A-lister, it approach an awful lot more than a small bump in traffic.

It manner you’ve made it onto the radar of a person with impact.

How to Connect with Influencers

Link to A-listers in visitor posts you write, and let them realize approximately it. Most could be appreciative, and lots of will percentage your publish with their fans.

Buy their publications or offerings. Want a certain-fire way to get A-list bloggers to observe you? Give them money! As an added bonus, you’ll advantage from their tremendous revel in.

Reach out to them. Identify the bloggers of influence, and placed your content at once in the front of them.

Ask them to take part in professional roundups. Participants in roundups almost constantly percentage them.

What to Do Next

Just as a couple should hold wooing each different even after they’re married, you ought to preserve doing the matters which triggered the A-listing bloggers to note you within the first place.

Keep sharing their content. Keep leaving feedback. Keep enticing with them.

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#15. Hitting Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

Now we’re speakme.

Around the time you hit the 1,000 subscriber mark, your emails begin to bring greater weight.

You’re able to generate traffic for new posts surely by emailing your subscribers.

Even higher?

You can begin making real money from your blog.

As a rule of thumb, you need to be able to make at the least $1 per subscriber every month — more if you genuinely understand what you’re doing.

How to Get Even More Email Subscribers

Have a committed touchdown web page. You ought to have at the least one page centered on one component and one factor only — getting humans to join up.

Say sure to pop-ups. Yes, some human beings discover them annoying. But they paintings.

Harness the strength of webinars. They create a experience of urgency, but without being “salesy.” Plus, you could run one even if you have a restrained price range.

Do extra guest blogging. In case you haven’t but picked up on the subject: strategic guest running a blog is a strong approach for gaining subscribers. Gaining traffic? Not so much. But gaining subscribers interested in your weblog’s subject matter (assuming you’re visitor blogging for applicable audiences)? Absolutely.

What to Do Next

It’s time to reflect onconsideration on monetizing your blog.

Affiliate packages, sponsored content, virtual products, and consulting/coaching periods are commonplace techniques for creating wealth along with your weblog.

And speakme of these ultimate two…

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#sixteen. Successfully Selling Your First Product or Consulting Session

You attempted your hand at backed commercials. Maybe you even had a bit achievement with them.

But subsequently, you goal better.

You decide to offer your capabilities as a educate or consultant.

Or perhaps you make a decision to create your very own digital product because you like the idea of unlimited earnings capacity.

Whatever the route, the desire is the equal: to pad your pockets with twenty greenback payments.

How to Reach This Milestone

Know your target audience — in detail. To be a a success instruct or representative, you have to recognise your audience, what they want, and how you may help them.

Choose a subject you know inner out. If you’re writing an ebook, pick out your subject matter wisely.

Repurpose content. If you have been running a blog for any duration of time, you have got a group of records begging to be republished as an e-book.

Master the artwork of moral persuasion. Focus on blessings instead of capabilities.

What to Do Next

Don’t rest to your laurels.

Once you’ve created your first product or course, create a income funnel with an email autoresponder series.

Then start operating in your next product.

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#17 Reaching 1,000 Visitors a Day

When you reach 1,000 daily traffic, your blog may be perched at a level many bloggers in no way see.

Your weblog has momentum, which means your email list starts offevolved to grow on its very own.

You’re promoting greater products and services.

Your social media shares are increasing too, that is bringing even greater new site visitors.

Your difficult paintings is paying off. “Soon,” you say to yourself before laughing maniacally.


How to Get More Traffic

Strategically promote on social media. What profits traction on Pinterest received’t necessarily gain traction on Twitter, right? When selling, constantly keep in mind of the platform you’re the usage of and adapt for this reason.

Become a SlideShare grasp. For many bloggers, SlideShare is an enigma. Unfortunate, due to the fact you may easily repurpose content material with SlideShare and bring in hundreds of new readers.

Think outdoor the container. Communities like Triberr and web sites like Quora offer bloggers extra avenues for using site visitors to their websites.

Start taking search engine optimization extra severely. Ranking for keywords and optimizing your blog for Google (and Bing) are a ought to to take your site visitors to the following degree.

What to Do Next

Resist the urge to submit extra frequently. Even though you obtain traffic bumps on the times you post, a while might be higher spent on promoting.

If something, cut back on your running a blog and cognizance even more time on merchandising.

For instance: targeted advertising. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others offer bloggers the capability to put it up for sale and bring in additional site visitors to their websites.

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#18. Reaching a hundred,000 Visitors in a Month

When you reach 100,000 site visitors in a month, you’ve reached a stage of success most can best dream of.

At this degree, almost some thing you strive may be moneymaking.

How to Boost Blog Traffic

Pay to extend your social media reach. Quuu Promote lets you get tweets and shares from real people with actual fans.

Dedicate yourself. Mastering site visitors technology takes time.

Start accepting visitor posts. Neil Patel grew the KISSmetrics blog to over 400,000 readers a month by way of publishing content that particularly came from guests.

Use break up checking out to optimize conversions. At this level of visitors, even small tweaks can make a large distinction.

Try new shipping channels. Launching a podcast allows you to attain a unique target audience than the one on your blog. So, too, can the creation of YouTube motion pictures and SlideShare

What to Do Next

Dig into Google Analytics and discover ways to make the most of its data. Discover which topics and posts are performing pleasant, and optimize your weblog for that reason. Identify your maximum critical site visitors resources, and alter your outreach efforts.

And in case you haven’t started monetizing your weblog yet, you’re leaving actual money at the table every month. Get started out!

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#19. You Hit 10,000 Email Subscribers

As Jon Morrow likes to say: 10,000 subscribers is the “magic quantity.”

With 10,000 subscribers, publishers beat down your door to provide you a book deal.

With 10,000 subscribers, you could make a full-time dwelling as a teach or consultant.

With 10,000 subscribers, you can without difficulty promote a route you’ve got created.

In quick, earning a six-determine income out of your weblog is entirely realistic when you have 10,000 subscribers.

It’s arguably the most critical blogging milestone.

How to Supercharge Your Email List

Lure Amazon ebook customers on your opt-in page. At the stop of your Kindle ebook, provide a bonus chapter to readers who come to your internet site and subscribe.

Use Facebook’s Lead Ads. It’s an opt-in shape embedded interior your Facebook publish.

Create content enhancements for all your maximum famous posts. Bonus cloth custom designed to man or woman posts can extensively boom your conversion rates.

Use Facebook commercials in tandem with Facebook choose-in pages. In a case observe, one blogger become able to upload over 17,000 subscribers in six weeks the usage of Facebook advertising to funnel readers to her Facebook decide-in web page.

What to Do Next

Look for approaches to enhance your e mail open rates. It doesn’t be counted how large your list is if nobody bothers to read your emails.

As your list grows, and your humble weblog starts offevolved to appearance more like a feasible business, you could want to trade your email company for a greater state-of-the-art answer, consisting of Infusionsoft that can manage e-commerce and courting management as properly.

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#20. Finally Earning Enough Money to Quit Your Day Job

It’s the dream of maximum bloggers.

Being able to stop your activity and weblog complete-time manner you’re capable of quit the rat race. It manner you can set your personal schedule, pursue your passions, and spend extra time with your loved ones.

It approach you’re the boss.

How to Quit Your Job

Charge premium charges. This lets in you to commit extra of a while, because of this your premium fee comes with top rate provider.

Outsource sure tasks. Time is money. And when you reach a sure level of achievement, some time (and money) can regularly be put to higher use.

Promote affiliates. In addition to high income potential, associate products require 0 funding.

Create joint ventures with different popular bloggers. Build a product collectively or simply make it attractive for them to sell your products.

What to Do Next

Don’t end your job just yet! Instead, create an go out plan.

Decide what type of monetary buffer you’ll need simply in case things get difficult. Your buffer will depend on your risk tolerance and private state of affairs, however an excellent rule of thumb is three to six months of salary in the bank.

Use the time leading up on your departure to make certain your blog is jogging easily by the point you end.

Automate everything you could. Create tactics to make certain you may paintings as successfully as possible. Because when the paychecks stop, you don’t want any additional drag.

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#21. Achieving World Domination

You did it.

They stated it wasn’t possible, but you made it happen.

The international is your oyster. You’re the master of your very own destiny.

And it’s all thanks to your blog.

Now it’s time to take a holiday. Maybe even pass to paradise. Heck, you earned it.

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So What’s Your Next Big Blogging Milestone?

You understand they’re yours for the taking, right?

The niche you want to dominate?

The residence inside the Hamptons?

The sharks with fricking laser beams attached to their heads?

They’re all out there… simply awaiting you.

They’re ready in order to determine, “Today is the day I’ll make my dreams come proper.” They’re ready so that it will forestall studying and start doing.

So, don’t just take a seat there.

Work out wherein you’re on the listing and what you should do to hit that next huge milestone.

And permit’s try this factor.

Because the arena isn’t going to rule itself.

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