21 Posts That’ll Help You Decide What Type of Writer to Be

21 Posts That’ll Help You Decide What Type of Writer to Be

21 Posts That’ll Help You Decide What Type of Writer to Be

You passionately need to be a “real” creator.

A writer whose work is an authentic expression of your proper self.

The trouble is, you experience disconnected from the whole thing you write. It’s like you’re the ghostwriter on a challenge nobody commissioned.

And now and again you surprise if you must just give up at the concept of starting a weblog.

After all, if you have been destined to be a author, it wouldn’t be this difficult, wouldn’t it?

But in fact, it simply method you haven’t located your groove.

More especially, you haven’t decided what kind of writer you want to be.

The firebrand? The storyteller? The visionary? The guru?

Successful templates abound, but you’re uncertain which (if any) is authentically you.

And you’re creating a mistake in case you agree with that question may be replied with the aid of careful idea on my own.

In truth, if you’re serious about finding your stride as a creator, the answer is a touch sudden.

You ought to immerse yourself in the writing of others.

The “Serious Bloggers Only” Autumn Contest 2015

If you’ve observed Smart Blogger over the past year, you’ll understand that we periodically celebrate the quality work of the members of our Serious Bloggers Only network.

For beyond winners, being recognized on Smart Blogger has not simplest been a validation in their skills as writers and bloggers, but it additionally drove valuable visitors to their blogs.

And in preceding contests, even those entrants who didn’t make the final list reported that getting into stimulated them to push their writing further than ever before.

If you’re now not a Serious Bloggers Only member, you’d be forgiven at this point for questioning:

What’s in it for me?

Why ought to I care approximately the consequences of a contest I didn’t enter?

In reaction, permit me ask you:

How frequently do you read posts outdoor your area of interest? How frequently do you examine the paintings of surprising writers?

If your solution is “not often” or “never,” you’re missing the opportunity to find out a submit that simply would possibly placed you on the route to becoming an actual, confident creator.

As you read the triumphing posts that follow, attempt them on for length and consciously look for a submit that feels just like the paintings of the author you were supposed to be.

So right here they may be, the winners of our modern contest, organized by using class.

Most Epic Post

Epicness, like splendor, is in the eye of the beholder. What’s epic to you may be common to a person else, and vice versa. Even so, a few posts own sure characteristics that clearly appeal to this description. This first class acknowledges posts that – through their scope, detail or sheer ambition – set themselves aside from the %.

Winner – Camilla Hallstrom – 99 Smart Ideas

Top a hundred and one Self-Improvement Blogs That Help You Thrive

What I love about this class-winning post is that the incredible size of the listing is just the place to begin. This publish quickly suggests a creator decided to push each element of the publish to the maximum. The descriptions that accompany each entry are thoughtful and thrilling. The formatting of the entries and segment headers is slick and visually appealing. And each featured weblog is augmented through 3 instance posts as advised access points into that blogger’s paintings.

Runner-Up – Kim Owens – Wise Bread (Guest Post)

30+ Cash Back Sites to Earn You Thousands Per Year

What makes this post sense epic is its comprehensiveness – we can handiest consider the studies that lies behind it. A reader may want to start the post knowing little approximately cashback sites and finish it feeling like a subject expert. Kim offers a beneficial evaluation of the web sites however also makes use of a constant set of attributes to make it less difficult to examine special options. This sort of post attracts hyperlinks as it feels like the definitive take on its topic.

Visit Kim’s blog here: Money Under The Cushions

Highly Commended – Ben Levesque – Webrunner

How to Grow Your Business Through Guest Blogging (a Step-By-Step Guide)

This put up feels epic no longer by using virtue of getting a massive variety of character points, but through its patient and thorough treatment of a massive and complicated concern. Ben takes the time to set the stage for his dialogue of guest blogging after which walks readers thru every stage of the method, providing sensible tips at every point. It’s a extremely good manner to get a solid evaluation of an crucial subject matter in a single sitting.

Most Original Idea

Sometimes a post rests on a single formidable idea. Posts like this are frequently the easiest to write down, but the hardest to devise – such “tent pole” ideas not often arise. But when they do, our job as a author is to get out of the way and let the concept shine via. That’s what these writers have finished.

Winner – Thijs Harteveld – Critical Cactus

This One Simple Trick Will Save You 29% Space At Home

At the heart of this quick submit is a unmarried putting idea about dwelling areas. (I gained’t destroy it – examine the publish to discover!) What looks as if a loopy belief at the start will become extra seductive the extra you reflect onconsideration on it. Thijs grounds his idea with strong reasoning, and soon we marvel why extra human beings don’t do it. In a gap wherein innovative thoughts abound, this nevertheless manages to experience fresh and interesting.

Runner-Up – Barry Gold – DivorcedOver50

Considering a Gray Divorce? Here Are Some Pros and Cons

Almost a select for the “fearless” category, this submit tackles a hard subject matter – divorcing after a long marriage – with cause and know-how. But it’s Barry’s coining of the time period “di-curious” (to intend someone thinking about a divorce however uncertain whether or not it’s the right path) that offers the post with its unique hook.

Highly Commended – Vanessa Anderson – Diverging Roads

How Travel Can Redesign Your Brain

The net appears affected by posts approximately the self-development benefits of travel. But this submit recommends journey not as a horizon-broadening tonic for the young, but as a way to keep a healthful brain into vintage age. Providing a fresh opportunity to the extra ordinary “entire a jigsaw” or “take an extended stroll” recommendation on preserving dementia at bay, this publish is subsidized up by way of the writer’s studies transferring to mainland China.

Most Practical

Great posts can inform, convince or entertain, but a truly practical publish evokes readers to do so and offers them the whole lot they want to be successful. This class rewards posts that supply their readers actual-global effects.

Winner – Jeffrey Romano – Scheduit

11 Networking Myths That are Costing You Time and Opportunities

This post has a extremely good, empathetic beginning that speaks to the disappointment of failing to wring full cost from a networking event. Jeffrey efficiently demystifies an hobby that many humans find opaque and intimidating, and his down-to-earth hints supply even apprehensive networkers a clear sense of cause for his or her next events. Better outcomes will sincerely observe.

Runner-Up – Victor Tan – Spirit On Stage

Your Presentation Won’t Be Perfect, and That’s Great

I loved this publish’s imperative premise – that some thing will nearly truly move wrong together with your next presentation but that’s k. In reality, the concept that perfection isn’t most effective tremendously unlikely but genuinely undesirable should consolation all and sundry going through a public overall performance. And that’s why this publish has real, practical value. Reading it will without a doubt increase the possibilities of a relaxed, polished overall performance.

Highly Commended – Ellen Bard – Tiny Buddha (Guest Post)

five Ways to Create a Life You Love Without Making a Major Change

Self-improvement posts often set their attractions on huge modifications. But lots of us aren’t looking to reinvent ourselves, simply to make incremental upgrades. Ellen’s practical put up suggests us a way to create a lifestyles we love – although life is largely ok right now. It offers us permission to need a little greater, and through making practical guarantees it’s a ways more likely to deliver on them.

Visit Ellen’s weblog here: Ellen Bard

Most Valuable

The achievement dimension for this class is easy. To what volume is the arena a higher place (even in a small manner) because of the existence of the entrant’s publish? To what extent will it improve the lives of individuals who study it?

Winner – Ashley Trexler – A Fine Parent (Guest Post)

How to Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Grow Up to Be Judgemental People

Valuable posts normally begin with large ambition – and Ashley’s post has this in spades. She has an extended-time period intention – that the following era will develop up a little much less closed-minded and judgmental than the last. And although she only reaches some people, imagine the ripple effect over a few years and lives.

Visit Ashley’s blog right here: Lies about Parenting

Runner-Up – Tom Schueneman – TriplePundit (Guest Post)

Electronics Recycling: Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

This publish brings together important issues of our times – the mountains of waste because of patron electronics that speedy turn out to be obsolete and the struggle that ex-offenders go through in finding paintings after incarceration. Tom doesn’t allow the seriousness of either problem to have an effect on the put up’s clarity, and through promoting sensible solutions to those troubles he’s making a authentic difference within the international along with his writing.

Visit Tom’s blog here: Global Warming is Real

Highly Commended – Quinn Eurich – The Change Blog (Guest Post)

How I Finally Loosened Anxiety’s Grip on Me

For those tormented by anxiety, the sensation of powerlessness as feelings take over can be overwhelming. Here Quinn makes use of her reports with anxiety to contextualize the practices she reveals best in managing this “sneaky tyrant.” The result is a valuable case look at of coping with anxiety that greatly advantages from the author’s willingness to proportion the info of her adventure.

Visit Quinn’s weblog here: Quinn Eurich

Most Fearless

Any selection to position your thoughts in the public area is an act of braveness. But a few posts, through virtue in their topic or the writer’s willingness to be vulnerable, are more fearless than maximum. This class celebrates brave bloggers.

Winner – Shelley Sandiford – Next Scientist (Guest Post)

How To Know If You Should Leave Academia … Before Wasting Years In Postdocs

If you’ve spent maximum of your person years engaged in examine, it’ll be hard to listen which you’re maximum probably unsuited to a life in academia. But that’s the relevant message of this brave post. Shelley doesn’t shrink back from difficult truths that might sting at the start but could store her readers a brilliant deal of heartache within the long term. And she isn’t afraid to situation her instructional existence to the ones same difficult measures.

Visit Shelley’s weblog here: Sciconic

Runner-Up – K.J. Hutchings – K.J. Hutchings

What to do while your partner continues to be close to their ex, without seeming loopy or jealous

Admitting that you are feeling uncomfortable with the relationship your companion has together with his or her ex is not easy. This put up reassures readers that such feelings are not just suited, however regular, and stocks grounded, emotionally intelligent recommendations for dealing with them. But it doesn’t assume that the answers lie entirely with the reader and is fearless enough to suggest issuing an ultimatum if all else fails.

Highly Commended – Emma Carmichael – The Marvellous Mind

five Commando Life Hacks To Get You Motivated

Inspired by the brave story of an elite soldier who sustained terrible injuries for the duration of a excursion of Afghanistan, this submit shares the tremendous instructions he drew from his long journey to recovery. But the writer’s decision to attain out to the soldier without delay also required a totally actual kind of courage. Most bloggers could have saved the story at arm’s length and stayed in the confines of the soldier’s book.

Best Use of Detail and Examples

Often what separates an interesting put up from a genuinely beneficial one is the extent of element and the examples the author chooses to include. Providing detail takes paintings, and deciding on right examples demands more creativity than you might imagine. But the authors of the posts in this category apprehend the cost of each.

Winner – Jacqueline Stone – Wise Stress Mastery

Quit a Bad Habit, or Build a Healthy One! 10 Ideas that Really Work

Habit change is a wildly famous topic inside the self-development space. And unsurprisingly so. After all, adopting the right conduct (and disposing of the incorrect ones) could have a large impact for your best of lifestyles and the outcomes you attain. But what sets these war-tested tips apart from the ones in other posts are the concrete examples that bring each point vividly to life, adding credibility to the declare that they “truly work.”

Runner-Up – Cylon George – Marc and Angel Hack Life (Guest Post)

7 Surprising Reasons You’re Attracting Toxic People

Most of us take delivery of that some human beings are toxic to our intellectual wellbeing. But this put up takes the idea in addition – mentioning that we would unwittingly be attracting them. What Cylon does brilliantly is to tell us specifically why this happens, how to recognize the early signs and what to do to repair it. In other phrases, he’s created a toolkit for identifying and dismantling poisonous encounters.

You can go to Cylon’s weblog here: Spiritual Living for Busy People

Highly Commended – John Anderson – Bible Money Matters (Guest Post)

The Important Investment Every Married Couple Should Make

Money troubles, this put up reveals, are the variety-one purpose of divorce. The put up details the real cost of divorce and builds a persuasive case for tackling corrosive money subjects head-on. And due to the fact he wrote it for a religion-infused non-public finance weblog, John additionally offers precise biblical verses to assist keep a healthful stability and appreciate round money troubles in a marriage. The result – a radical and treasured post.

You can go to John’s weblog right here: Simple Financial Fitness

Bonus Awards

Best Storytelling – Gail Gates – Aging Schmaging

I Cried Today: Maybe You Really Can’t Go Home

There’s some thing beautiful and heartbreaking about this publish, which would be equally at domestic in a short tale series as among the pages of the weblog. It tells of a easy quest to find a relic of formative years, and although it’s a easy story told in a minor key, it manages to evoke time and place wonderfully and tug at the emotions with outstanding effectiveness. This is a simple story nicely informed that lingers long after the first analyzing.

Most Virtuoso Performance – John Yeoman – Write to Done (Guest Post)

How to Bond With Your Readers: The Pain and Glory of Writing

John’s writing is rich with the kind of element that quickly establishes him as an expert in his area, which occurs to be . . . Writing! No wonder, then, that he’s been featured in the winners’ list of each SBO contest to date. He packs his post on bonding with practical recommendation, colourful examples and crisp, playful prose. Bravo!

You can visit John’s weblog here: Writers’ Village

Best Visuals – Perpetua Neo – Perpetua Neo

Your most common therapy questions answered: The technicalities, simplified

This put up explains the variations between 3 disciplines – psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry – with the help of a series of simple pics. The consistent visible style ties the publish collectively and makes a potentially dry and educational subject surprisingly handy. And cleverly, by way of refining the readers’ understanding of these concepts, the writer also actions them further alongside a direction that could cause them to rent her.

What Type of Writer Will You Choose to Be?

Still struggling to locate your vicinity as a writer?

Don’t worry, it’s a common problem. But introspection is not often the solution.

Instead, look for solutions out of doors yourself.

So dive into the posts above. Study our previous contest winners right here, here and right here.

Because someplace, a writer is already generating paintings to be able to signpost your own direction to confident and proper writing.

And the important thing may be the smallest factor – a sure attitude, a particular rhythm, a distinct manner of expressing ideas.

But whilst you locate it, the whole lot approximately being a creator turns into less difficult.

So immerse yourself within the first-class writing of others.

And don’t emerge till you understand what kind of creator you ought to be.

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