How I Got 532 Subscribers in 43 Days Using Cheap Facebook Ads

How I Got 532 Subscribers in 43 Days Using Cheap Facebook Ads

How I Got 532 Subscribers in 43 Days Using Cheap Facebook Ads

Your e-mail pings.

1 new subscriber to “Your Awesome Email List.”

Whoop de do.

If this had been your first subscriber ever, you may jump for joy and bust out the champagne. But rather you observed:

ONE new subscriber? Really? That’s it?

Because in any case the ones long hours of pouring your coronary heart and soul into your writing…after doing the whole thing you have been instructed to do to get subscribers…nicely, you were anticipating extra.

Your eyes narrow at the overall subscriber assume the display, and for a brief moment, you succumb to wishful questioning…

Maybe if I stare at it long enough, I could make it grow every other digit or through sheer strength of mind.

Nope. It’s nonetheless the identical measly antique variety. In fact, your list hasn’t grown a lot in any respect within the past week, or the past month. And it’s annoying as all heck.

You groan.

All this tough work, and what do I actually have to reveal for it?

Know what? You aren’t by myself in feeling this manner.

But all you need to develop your e-mail listing at hyper velocity is to get the phrase out in a completely distinct way…a way that maximum bloggers haven’t even taken into consideration.

The “Taboo” List-Building Strategy Almost Nobody Talks About

You can be thinking that no one cares approximately you or that you’ll be vintage and gray before you’ve got a substantial e-mail listing. You may also actually have grown to simply accept this as a reality of blogging.

But you don’t need to be the norm. Watching your listing grow doesn’t have to be like watching paint dry. Nothing’s wrong with you, and your human beings are really accessible.

All that you want is a shortcut…a quicker way to get subscribers that you haven’t tried yet.

It’s now not writing epic posts, getting to know SEO, or commenting on popular blogs.

(Those methods are almost usually a waste of time for beginners.)

It’s now not guest blogging, interviewing influential humans, or accomplishing out to A-list bloggers.

(You ought to be doing the ones matters, but accomplishing out to the “massive shots” is horrifying, and it can nevertheless take several months to get a few hundred subscribers.)

This method is sincerely so simple that it almost looks as if dishonest.

I’m speakme about shopping for subscribers.

Now, you’re likely wondering:

Wait-that sounds crazy! Isn’t that some type of scam?

Don’t worry; we’re now not talking approximately shopping for a massive listing of e-mail addresses and spamming it with your blog posts.

We’re speaking about something some distance more decent.

What Subscriber-Hungry Bloggers Can Learn from Pint-Sized Entrepreneurs

Do you don’t forget lemonade stands from while you have been a child?

Well, if you ever had one, you’ll recognise that place is vital.

For instance, which stand do you observed could promote the maximum lemonade: the stand on a quiet cul-de-sac, or the stand within the busy part of town?

Well, the lemonade stand in the busy part of metropolis, of direction!

More people passing through means more potential customers.

And it’s the equal for running a blog. If you assume to develop your e-mail listing definitely through adding a signal-up page on your weblog and hoping potential subscribers just manifest to wander through, it’s like putting your lemonade stand in the middle of a cul-de-sac.

Nobody actually knows about your blog but, so few humans can find the manner onto your e mail list.

It’s irritating, but the solution is easy. Set up your stand in the busy a part of city.

And nowadays, that’s Facebook.

It’s wherein over 1.44 billion humans grasp out every month. So at least a small percent of these people might be potential readers for your blog.

All you have to do to show the ones ability readers into subscribers is pay Facebook to position up your “lemonade stand.”

What this indicates in exercise is developing a Facebook advert that receives shown to ability subscribers and entices them to sign up on your e mail list.

And the greater commercials you run, the extra humans will see your provide of their Facebook newsfeed, and the more new subscribers you’ll get.

Simple, proper?

Why Facebook Ads Are Perfect for Beginning Bloggers (Even If You’re Broke!)

Many bloggers don’t even comprehend they could get subscribers by way of advertising their blogs on Facebook.

Those that do know brush aside it for two main reasons:

They don’t suppose they should have to spend any cash on getting subscribers – it must simply appear organically.

They think Facebook advertising is just too difficult and takes too much time to examine.

Ironically, most bloggers don’t have a problem spending on things like conversion-optimized WordPress themes once they began their blog and listing-building plugins, however the concept of spending money at once to get subscribers appears loopy. So they just ignore it.

But in reality, if you positioned any sort of reasonable dollar value to your time, it may be an awful lot greater cost-effective to spend a touch cash.

For example, permit’s say you spend 10 hours writing a visitor publish (any other popular alternative for constructing your list) that nets you 100 subscribers. Even if you figure some time is most effective well worth $10/hour, you’re still efficiently paying $1 in step with subscriber.

True, Facebook marketing is complex, and it does take a long term to master.

But you don’t need to achieve mastery on the way to spend a few cash and get outcomes. Especially with the right guidance. (That’s what this submit is right here for!)

For instance, right here are the real effects from one in every of my first Facebook ad campaigns:

According to this document, I paid a grand general of $227.05 to get a whopping 532 new subscribers to my listing in just forty three days. That way I spent a median of simply forty three cents in keeping with subscriber!

Not horrific for a whole beginner, eh?

But right here’s the first-rate part: I didn’t spend $227.05 unexpectedly. On maximum days, my finances changed into only $five per day.

That’s the value of one Venti Frappuccino at Starbucks.

Facebook advertising and marketing is perfect for starting bloggers as it offers you the subsequent:

Big exposure

Quick, cheap outcomes

Powerful focused on (so that you can easily attain your perfect audience)

Subscribers on autopilot (freeing up time for other matters, like selling your content…or just getting sleep)

Are you geared up to go to the busy a part of city and get some subscribers? Read on.

The three Crucial Elements of an Enticing Facebook Ad

For your “lemonade stand” (your ad) to attract masses of subscribers, we’ve already hooked up that you need to set up shop in a excessive-visitors area (Facebook).

But in order to make your ad as engaging as possible, you need 3 crucial elements:

A juicy incentive (and a landing page to show off it)

An attractive photograph

Intimate advert replica

To come up with an instance of these factors in movement, right here is the Facebook advert I used to get the results I stated above:

My juicy incentive (1) become a loose fitness project, which readers could get right of entry to only after signing up for my electronic mail listing. I also used an engaging photo (2) and intimate ad replica (three). (I’ll explain the way to create every of these in the paragraphs that observe.)

Let’s find out extra approximately each of those elements:

1. Creating Your “Juicy” Incentive

These days, your e mail cope with is like a currency; you don’t give your email address to just everyone without a terrific reason.

So your incentive have to be as attractive on your target market as a groovy glass of lemonade on a warm summer time’s day.

But what makes an incentive so accurate, so “mouth-watering” that people can’t face up to giving their e mail in alternate for it? Jon Morrow puts it great by asking this question:

What keeps your best subscribers mendacity wakeful at night?

Find a realistic strategy to that hassle, and you’ve got a “juicy” subject matter in your incentive.

Next, you need to package that solution inside the simplest form possible. You see, whilst surfing the internet, human beings are in a mind-set of heading off work. And if human beings assume your incentive will take quite a few their time and power to eat, they’ll bail.

So, as opposed to writing a one hundred-page e-book, kind up a one-page PDF checklist of equipment or sources (basically, a downloadable listing publish).

Instead of a lengthy video route, create a mini path which includes quick, actionable training added through an e mail autoresponder.

Instead of a 30-day mission, make it a 7-day task.

(7 more impossible to resist incentive ideas here.)

But some thing form your incentive takes, it need to do one factor:

Give them a short win.

If you may get your perfect subscriber one baby-step closer to solving that problem maintaining them conscious at night, you have got a exceptional “juicy” incentive for your Facebook ad.

Creating a Simple Landing Page to Showcase Your Incentive

Once you’ve created your incentive, you’ll want a landing web page with an opt-in shape for human beings to subscribe to your list and get the incentive.

You’ll also need a “thank you” web page: the web page that visitors land on right after they choose in. That’s because you may vicinity a bit of code on this web page for monitoring what number of people subscribed in your list. (Don’t fear — we’ll cover that later on this post.)

Optionally, you may want some personal pages on your website for delivering your incentive.

Here are some alternatives for developing your landing web page:

WordPress Landing Pages is a free plugin that helps you to create touchdown pages from the WordPress dashboard. The drawback is, as with maximum unfastened alternatives, they only provide restrained guide.

ConvertKit (associate link; from $29 in line with month) is an email advertising solution with a landing web page builder, designed for expert bloggers. To analyze extra approximately ConvertKit, take a look at out Smart Blogger’s in-intensity ConvertKit assessment.

Elementor (associate hyperlink; from $49 per yr) is a drag-and-drop web page builder that can create appealing landing pages – and much more. To analyze more about Elementor, test out Smart Blogger’s in-depth Elementor assessment.

LeadPages (from $three hundred according to yr) is the flagship choice for creating touchdown pages. It’s strong and characteristic rich, and that’s reflected inside the price tag.

Now, as soon as your landing pages are all installation, you may circulate directly to the second detail for engaging Facebook ads…

2. Choosing Your Engaging Image

When choosing an photo to your ad, you ought to select a outstanding, professional-searching photo, right?


Let’s get into the mindset of a ability subscriber for a moment: What is he on Facebook to do? Probably to look what his friends are up to. To take a look at photographs from the modern day get-collectively. To connect to own family members from far away.

He is certainly not browsing Facebook to read the advertisements.

So if on the slightest look your advert seems like an ad, he’ll ignore it.

Your task is to make your ad appearance as similar to the other acquainted objects in his newsfeed as feasible. Because as he is scrolling down that list of objects, he is making split-2nd selections approximately what to be aware of and what to skip over. And in keeping with Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principle of Liking, people will be predisposed to mention “yes” to the ones they prefer or are much like themselves.

So as opposed to using professional-searching inventory pix, use a friendly picture of your self. That way, your capacity subscriber will see you as a regular man or woman much like him, and he will be much more likely to stop and interact along with your ad.

Here’s an example:

In this ad with the aid of Easy Webinar, the smiling image of a “regular guy” takes benefit of the principle of liking. They additionally added a heat, grainy clear out and framed the shot near the issue. The resulting picture looks a lot like a selfie concerned with a cellphone, doesn’t it?

Another instance:

This ad photograph by Luisa Zhou doesn’t even have any textual content on it: only a casual photograph of the subject leaning toward the digicam. This photograph says, cushty, pleasant, approachable.

It additionally helps that Luisa is an appealing lady…Cialdini discovered that physical attractiveness plays a large position in the precept of liking. (If you aren’t an appealing female, no longer to worry. You can nonetheless use this precept by making your image pleasant and likeable. Just smile!)

Bonus tip: If you do decide to use text over your photograph, consisting of a brief headline, simply make certain it follows Facebook’s guidelines and takes up no greater than 20% of the photo. Use a unfastened device with a Facebook advert template, like Canva, to create your photograph. Then use the Facebook grid device to ensure it complies with the text rule.

3. Writing Your Intimate Ad Copy

If your photo needs to be personable (not expert) to be attractive, your ad reproduction need to be too.

How do human beings communicate to every different on Facebook?

Do they use company speak? Big electricity words? Proper grammar?

Of route no longer!

And neither must you.

Talk for your capability subscriber like a pal. Get into their head, and use the phrases they use themselves. Make them sense that you apprehend them.

Get intimate with your replica.

The following ad with the aid of Hilary Rushford receives intimate by using using casual language and empathizing with her target market:

So Instagram is all the rage. Forbes says so, Vogue says so, the numbers say so.

But some other platform to learn, really?! My photos are kinda blah. I’m no longer sure what to percentage. What do I submit? Why isn’t my following developing after all this paintings? And how can I without a doubt make money with Instagram besides?

Trust me love, I’ve been there!

See what she did there?

She took the questions maintaining her audience awake a night time, and echoed the ones identical doubts and fears. Then she explains how she felt the equal way (she’s another regular gal, “just like you”) and the way her free Instagram magnificence can solution the ones questions.

Your replica doesn’t should be that long. (In truth, Facebook recommends preserving your reproduction underneath ninety characters to hold it from being cut off on smaller monitors.)

Erin Stutland uses succinct copy in her ad for a free fitness challenge. She leads with a short, empathetic assertion:

It doesn’t take going to extremes to get a bod you without a doubt love.

If you’re her intended audience (i.E., individuals who need to improve their physiques, however don’t want to suffer via masses of pushups to get there), you are already hooked. Then, she in brief describes her brief win and offers a clear call to movement:

I prepare the Say it, Sweat it, Get it Challenge wherein collectively, you and I are going to do a little top notch quick workout routines normal for a week that combine movement + mantras + of path, a laugh! Sign up nowadays here

(Did you observe the colloquial punctuation?)

Facebook additionally indicates hooking the viewer with a question.

In the subsequent ad, James Wedmore leads with a query that both hooks the viewer and qualifies his target audience:

Are you seeking to develop your commercial enterprise with YouTube?

In the following sentence, he establishes his authority:

For the past 7 years, I’ve been teaching marketers the way to construct their logo with video!

Finally, he certainly states his quick win and how to sign up:

I’m hosting a brand new webinar showing you The 7 Steps to Profiting from YouTube!To reserve your spot click on the hyperlink underneath:

To summarize, your advert replica need to:

Use simple, relatable language

Empathize together with your ability subscribers

Clearly kingdom your short win & a way to join up

Bonus tip: Whenever you spot a Facebook ad that draws you in, take a screenshot and positioned it in an thought record. Revisit this record each time you get caught writing your reproduction.

How to Pick the Absolute Best Spot to Attract Your Ideal Subscribers

You’ve gathered your 3 elements and made the maximum engaging Facebook advert. But earlier than you run your advert, you need one final thing:


Targeting is in which you get to select exactly who sees your ad. Because even the maximum appealing advert won’t get effects if it is going out to the wrong humans.

It’s a bit like putting in place a lemonade stand outdoor of a diabetic clinic. It can be in a excessive-traffic region, but unless your lemonade is sugar-unfastened, those human beings are in all likelihood now not right to your offer.

So to locate the suitable spot for your lemonade stand, ask your self this question:

Where are my perfect subscribers striking out on Facebook?

For the advert marketing campaign I mentioned in advance (the only that were given me 532 subscribers in forty four days), my incentive turned into a seven-day prenatal health project. So my best subscribers have been pregnant women wanting to stay fit.

Facebook permits you to target girls or men, in order that element is simple. But how do you goal pregnant ladies?

Well, on Facebook, pregnant women generally tend to “like” pages approximately pregnancy. Thankfully, Facebook gives a concentrated on choice for that. Taking it one step in addition, you may also target women who “like” pages related to health.

To get commenced, complete this short exercising:

Make a list of 10 particular Facebook pages wherein you suspect your perfect subscribers dangle out. (You can find pages via typing keywords into Facebook’s seek bar, inclusive of “pregnancy” and “fitness.”)

Confirm that each of the pages you select has a wholesome quantity of likes (at the least some thousand likes per page).

Choose the pinnacle-three pages out of your list to goal.

Once you have got a brief listing of goal pages, your intention is to display your advert to as many people who like the ones pages as viable, while maintaining your expenses low.

The Trick to Getting the Most Subscribers, as Quickly as Possible, on the Cheapest Price

You have your impossible to resist offer, your enticing photo, and intimate reproduction, and you’ve found out in which your ideal subscribers are putting out on Facebook. Now it’s time to tug all of it collectively and run your advertisements.

The trick to getting the most subscribers from your commercials, as quick as possible, and on the cheapest rate, is to use something known as conversion tracking. Conversion tracking lets in you to preserve song of how many human beings see your advert, how many humans click to your ad, and what number of people virtually take your preferred movement (in this situation, coming into their e-mail and subscribing for your listing).

This way, you may have a detailed record of how a lot cash you spent per conversion (i.E., in line with new subscriber). You can use this statistics to get the largest bang to your greenback: the maximum subscribers in the least amount of time.

This subsequent component is a touch technical, however don’t worry…it’s now not as horrifying as it sounds.

To tune your conversions (i.E., how plenty you’re spending consistent with subscriber), you will need to seize a chunk of code that Facebook gives you (called a tracking pixel) and place it among the <head> and </head> tags at the “thank you” web page you made in advance (the web page that indicates up right after a person opts in in your e-mail listing).

When you put your price range (as proven in the video walkthrough above), Rick Mulready recommends starting with a small budget (I use a $5 each day finances). If you want to spend extra cash, increase your finances in small increments until you attain your desired price range. This strategy appears to push Facebook to discover you cheaper subscribers, and it gets your campaign off to a good start.

The Smart Way to Measure How Well Your Ads Perform

Now that your ads are up and strolling, you will possibly be tempted to check them each 2 seconds to peer how they’re doing. But that’s the remaining issue you have to do.

You see, it takes a bit time earlier than your advert goes out to sufficient human beings that you begin seeing the subscriptions coming in. So don’t freak out and cancel your ad. In truth, you should…

Wait as a minimum forty eight hours before making judgments.

After your advert has been strolling for at least 48 hours, check for one of the following scenarios:

What to Do If Your Cost Per Conversion is $4 or Less…

If after forty eight hours your price in keeping with conversion (fee according to new subscriber in our case) is $four or much less, your campaign is off to a great begin.

(If $4 sounds like loads, don’t fear. Costs commonly drop as time is going on due to the fact the extra people who see your ad, the greater humans will have interaction with it through liking it or including feedback, which builds social proof and will increase conversions.)

So, in case your value in line with conversion is $four or less after forty eight hours, run your ad at least one week longer to look in case your value is going down similarly. (In my experience, it will pay to be affected person.)

After going for walks your ad for a week or so, you could see your price get decrease and decrease. Once your average value per conversion is around $zero.60, you are on target to get 500 subscribers in 60 days. If your common value consistent with conversion is ready $zero.30, you’re on track to get 500 subscribers in 30 days. (Assuming in each instances your day by day finances continues to be $5.)

Keep in mind, to get your value as low as possible, it isn’t at all uncommon to have to refine your incentive, your ad, or your targeting.

That’s due to the fact your ad is competing in opposition to other Facebook ads in an auction, so how low you could get that price will partially depend upon how a lot opposition is within your chosen audience. (If you suspect that a number of opposition exists for your preferred audience, attempt targeting one of the other Facebook pages on your list, and run your advert for any other 48 hours to check this idea.)

Your price also relies upon on how applicable your incentive is to your selected target audience, and it’s not continually what you might suppose. For instance, the first incentive I used for my advertisements became a PDF checklist entitled, The eight Exercises Every Pregnant Woman Should Avoid. I thought that incentive become pretty relevant for my target market, however my fee in step with conversion went tons lower after I switched to presenting a free fitness venture to the same target market.

What to Do If Your Cost Per Conversion is $4 or More…

If after forty eight hours your value consistent with conversion is $4 or more, prevent going for walks the ad. Then, come up with a hypothesis for what went wrong. Is the trouble your targeting, incentive, picture, or copy? Maybe it’s your landing web page that isn’t changing well? What can you change to get better results?

If you have more money to spend, strive cut up trying out with every other advert to see what works fine. But if you may most effective spend $five in keeping with day, simply make one tweak after which run your ad for some other 48 hours.

The key’s to consider all of this as an test. Test distinct theories like a scientist, and be affected person! Once you study what works, you could repeat it and achieve the rewards over and over.

The One Simple Tweak that Could Cut Your Costs in Half

So maybe your advertisements get a decent fee in step with subscriber, but you simply want to hit it out of the ballpark. Here’s something you must truely try:

Make a video advert.

Facebook advertisers are reporting that video ads are working wonderfully for them, they’re extensively greater effective, and they’re getting conversions at a trifling fraction of the fee of static photograph ads. For instance, Derek Halpern created this epic video ad that landed him over twenty-six thousand perspectives thus far!

To make a video ad, comply with the stairs above, and really add a video as opposed to an photograph.

For the video itself, that could be a subject matter for an entire other publish. But here are some hints:

Apply the equal simple ideas as your image, and hold it private and relatable. That manner you need to be inside the video. You will be speakme at once to the digicam, or do a voiceover with various pictures of you in movement (typing weblog posts at your pc, as an example); it doesn’t honestly count, as long as you are the “celebrity” of your video.(Derek’s video ad does a high-quality job of being relatable with self-deprecating humor at 17 secs in.)

Like your advert reproduction, what you are saying for your video must:

Empathize with your capability subscribers (“You should have the nice product in the international, however when you have no one inside the room, you’ll nonetheless have zero sales.” 0:37)

Explain your brief win (“The large question is, how do you construct that audience? Well, I put together a unfastened schooling series wherein I’ll display you a way to do it.” 1:02)

Clearly kingdom your call to action (“All you need to do to benefit access is enter your name and e-mail and press, Get Instant Access.” 1:06).

The maximum period for Facebook video commercials is 45 minutes. Different evaluations abound about what period works fine, but Facebook says to worry much less approximately duration and awareness greater on storytelling.

Just keep in mind that the first few seconds of your video can be silent as it autoplays on mute until the viewer clicks to unmute it. You need to entice humans to click the video, so get innovative. (Derek sparks interest within the first few seconds via walking onto a degree wearing a microphone, decked out in a glittery black sportcoat and sparkly purple shoes. It makes you marvel, Who is that this goofy guy, and what will he say?)

Grow Your Email List on Autopilot for Just a Few Dollars a Day

Imagine waking up the next day morning and receiving another notification out of your electronic mail list company…

But this time, in preference to one subscriber, you got 10 subscribers overnight or even capacity affiliates for your side gig. Now believe that taking place again day after today, and tomorrow, and the next.

All with none additional attempt from you.

That’s what growing your weblog on autopilot looks like. Instead of annoying about getting subscribers, you can awareness on what you like maximum: running a blog.

Because if you’re serious about building your weblog, but your time is simply too precious to waste, spending a little money will be a extremely good pass.

After all, what’s the worst that would happen?

Well, you can spend $10 and now not get any new subscribers.

(Although whilst that happens, it typically simply manner that one in every of your elements is off, and also you want to go again and tweak your recipe.)

That $10 is much less than the price of a mean American take-out meal. (And c’mon, we’ve all had awful take-out.)

But the much more likely situation?

You release a way to develop your listing quicker and more reliably than you ever idea feasible.

So can you really manage to pay for not to present it a strive?

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