How I Ranked Top 1 in Yahoo

How I Ranked Top 1 in Yahoo

How I Ranked Top 1 in Yahoo

KEI – Keyword Effectiveness Index. The cost of a keyword or key-word phrase that allows an internet web site reach the number one position in search engines like google with the aid of evaluating how frequently the keyword or key-word phrase is used and comparing it to what number of web sites are the usage of that keyword or key-word word to market their website online.

In part certainly one of this article I discussed how you may thoroughly research and pick the proper keywords for your net site. You can examine part considered one of this web design SEO recommendation right here. (http://www.Theinternetpresence.Com/business-article-26.Htm) Part of this article will show you the way to take your listing of key phrases made from element one and narrow it down to the handiest keywords to apply. Let’s begin with the KEI rating of the keywords.

You can discover many unfastened KEI equipment at the net. I in my view use one that was part of a $500 software package, but you may discover many gear at the internet without cost. My recommendation for this is to strive some of them out and stick with the gear that show generally the identical effects and toss the ones that do not. Even with the software program package I sold I nonetheless use wordtracker and overture to compare my effects.

List your keywords within the first column of a table. (I use Microsoft Excel, however you can use some thing that works.) In the second, 1/3 or extra columns list the quantity of instances that key-word changed into used according to day or month. (I use one column for wordtracker, one column for overture, and one column for my software program package.) Be suspicious of the key phrases that do not display the equal effects on all three and take into account tossing them out.

For instance if one column says it searched 300 times in step with day, however the other two do no longer even display it being searched in any respect I would toss that keyword out. In the next column kind in the KEI rating of that keyword. And within the subsequent column, if you have a tool that lets in it, input how regularly the competition uses that keyword in a ‘opposition’ column. Enter within the numbers for this data for all of the keywords listed for your desk.

Now we are able to begin to slim down the list.

Look at your keyword KEI scores and examine them to each other. Toss out the keywords which have a low KEI score. Next appearance over the listing of keywords again and think to your self, “Will someone that kinds that in want to visit my web page?”. If not, toss out the key phrases. Ask your self, “Will a person who types in that key-word be possibly to be profitable for me?”. If now not, toss out those key phrases as nicely. Look at how regularly your opposition makes use of a keyword on your ‘competition’ column. If it has an excellent KEI score and over 17,000,000 internet web sites are the usage of it then it is going to be tough to get to #1. Consider tossing these keywords out additionally.

For instance I concentrated on the search term, (internet improvement contractor) which had a incredible KEI score and changed into hardly utilized by competition. I tweaked my web site for this keyword and now if you type in internet improvement contractor into MSN you will discover that I preserve the primary position. And have held it for over a month now. In addition if you type in (business presence on the internet), or (Internet Presence) you’ll see me floating across the top five together with a few other search terms. (Perhaps I need to rename this article How I reached #1 in MSN) The search term (net design) had a great KEI rating, but the competition changed into over 17,000,000 internet sites the use of that seek time period. Perhaps I’ll experience lucky and try for that one next.

I keep narrowing down my listing till I even have five of the high-quality key phrases to use for my net website. I take those five keywords and sort them into the pinnacle 3 search engines like google and list the top 10 sites that display up with each key-word. So you may have a list of 50 sites per each seek engine you used. To get an awesome widespread ranking in all of the search engines Computer Technology Articles, I integrate the 3 lists of 50 sites into one massive list of 150 web web sites for comparison. Alphabetize the listing.

Did you be aware some thing? Some sites are indexed three or greater times! Toss out the web sites that handiest display up as soon as and this could narrow down your list of one hundred fifty significantly. Take the pinnacle five net web sites that show up with the keyword you want and list them in any other web page. It is now time to pick apart there web sites and discover why they may be there!

Research the five websites the use of your keyword and examine them to every different. You have to research the site’s page that landed at the search engine for those elements:

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