How to Promote Your Blog in 2022: 9 Creative Strategies

How to Promote Your Blog in 2022: 9 Creative Strategies

How to Promote Your Blog in 2022: 9 Creative Strategies

Whether your weblog is cutting-edge or already established, you could by no means have enough traffic.


I paintings at an SaaS employer referred to as Ahrefs, and even though the Ahrefs blog pulls in over 200k natural traffic every month, we nevertheless experiment with methods to promote our blog and produce in extra traffic.

Because let’s face it:

Simply sending an e mail blast to your subscriber list doesn’t reduce it anymore.

But don’t fret.

If you’re caught developing with new ideas for the way to promote your weblog, right here are 9 tried-and-examined tactics which have worked for us.

Let’s dig in.

#1. Work with Podcasts

Let’s begin matters off with the buzzword of the yr: podcasts.

Thanks to their flexibility (you can listen to them whilst you’re at paintings or whilst you’re on the go), they’re the most popular shape of audio content.

They’re also widely to be had on offerings like iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

Some quick statistics:

Over 44% of america populace has listened to a podcast;

They’re extraordinarily targeted, with multiple podcasts covering each area of interest conceivable;

Their audiences are especially engaged.

Ahrefs has had great achievement with sponsoring podcasts (paid advertising) in addition to guesting on them — that is, sending a member of our team to be interviewed on a show.

Here’s an actual comment from a new patron and blog reader of ours:

For sponsoring podcasts, consider this tactic as a kind of influencer advertising.

Your process is to promote your blog to the podcast host and the podcast host’s process is, in flip, to sell your weblog to their target audience.

How to Promote Your Blog with the aid of Sponsoring Podcasts

If you’ve got the budget, sponsoring podcasts is a terrific way to promote your blog. Here’s the way you do it:

Step #1. Do Your Research

Create a list of podcasts whose audiences are a terrific fit on your blog. If you have no idea in which to begin, here’s a tip:

Try using a specialized podcast seek engine like Listen Notes. Browse the shows and pick out your favorites.

Step #2. Make Contact

Once you’ve created a list of objectives, you’ll want to contact the podcasts and inquire approximately sponsorship details.

What are their pricing packages? What dates do they have got available? Are there any gotchas?

Prices can range from $50 to $5,000 and beyond consistent with episode, so paintings within your specific price range.

Step #3. Iron Out the Details

This consists of your advert copy, delivery, and every other deliverables like your weblog’s logo and elevator pitch.

In my experience, organic reads do an awful lot higher than “scripted advertisements.”

The purpose is to get the podcast host to sound like a fan and everyday reader of your weblog.

Step #four. Wait for Your Ad to Air

If whatever is off, make certain to allow the podcast understand as quickly as viable!

How to Promote Your Blog with Podcast Interviews

If you’re strapped for coins (or certainly don’t want to do podcast advertising and marketing), another method is to appear as a visitor on podcasts.

This is commonly unfastened — until you’re drawing close extraordinarily-popular podcasts, which generally tend to rate a one-time appearance charge.

The capture is you’ll need a few type of credibility for your call. In other phrases, you’ll want to persuade the podcast host that you’re a person their target audience would like to listen to.

The procedure for this is just like the only certain above:

Step #1. Create a Target List

Use Listen Notes or a similar device to create a list of podcast objectives.

Step #2. Check if They Accept Interviews

Often, podcasts will explicitly state on their web sites whether or not or no longer they receive interview requests.

And if they don’t accept interview requests? Ask besides.

Send for your pitch and convince them you have got masses of value to feature.

Step #3. Follow the Host’s Lead

Every podcast will have their very own procedure. Some can also want to do pre-interviews, some may also need to work on a tough content on-line with you, and a few may additionally need to simply “wing it.”

Whatever the technique, don’t forget to be courteous and respectful — you’re a visitor, in the end.

Just don’t overlook to say your weblog!

Editor’s Note:

Appearing on podcasts is one in every of our favourite promoting strategies right here at Smart Blogger — as evidenced through our appearances on EOFire, James Altucher, Duct Tape Marketing, the Write Podcast, Productive Insights, and Loz James’ Content Champion.

Just make certain you’re prepared:

Show up early to the interview so the host has time to do a valid check.

Don’t use your telephone or your laptop’s built-in microphone; as an alternative, invest in an external microphone. Quality and rate points vary, but you may get a easy microphone that plugs into your pc’s headphone jack for the charge of a medium pizza.

Use headphones to cut down on echoes.

Turn off all notifications and, if you can, close your door to decrease background noise.

#2. Republishing on Medium

Sure, you can post heaps of truly awesome posts to your own weblog.

But in case you by no means extend your reach, whether or not it’s by way of developing your listing of e mail subscribers or boosting your quantity of social media fans, your audience might be limited.

So what do you do if you don’t have time to create promotional content material and expand your reach?

Try this:

Republish your existing posts on blogging systems like Medium.

Your content will be seen by means of a whole new audience — a number of with a view to then visit your blog and find out all of the tremendous content you need to offer.

For example, study this blog post I posted at the Ahrefs weblog final December:

It were given 463 shares and 43 comments — very first rate engagement thinking about the fact that the topic probably didn’t enchantment to our blog’s middle audience (human beings inquisitive about search engine optimization).

In a bid to push the submit out to a much broader audience, we republished it on Medium. It became out to be a extraordinary decision.

Here are the stats as of March this year:

That’s 13.6k views in total, with 22% of readers actually completing the entire submit.

Plus, the Medium booklet of this post averages a constant trickle of 10-30 readers every day.

Note: For the search engine marketing-conscious among us, Medium makes use of canonical tags whilst you operate their republishing tool. So no concerns approximately reproduction content material troubles.

How to Republish on Medium

Medium has made the method of uploading and republishing content exceptional simple. Here’s how you do it:

Step #1. Choose a Post to Republish

Ideally, pick certainly one of your top performers (since it’s already proved it’s famous).

You can use a device like Ahrefs’ Top Content record in Site Explorer to peer which of your posts have the most stocks on social media.

Since they’ve validated themselves on social media, those posts are the maximum possibly to resonate with audiences beyond your weblog’s present one.

Editor’s Note:

Though they aren’t almost as distinctive, there are a few unfastened equipment to tune social media shares if you aren’t an Ahrefs client.

As an instance, SharedCount.Com helps you to replica and paste URLs of man or woman posts; but, they simplest show counts for Facebook and Pinterest:

Step #2. Import Your Post Into Medium

Enter the URL of your submit into the Medium import device and hit “Import”.

Step #3. Publish Your Post on Medium

Follow Medium’s guidelines to layout and varnish your post, then click on “Publish”.

That’s all there’s to it!

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#three. Smart Social Sharing

I recognise, I recognize.

Promoting your weblog posts on social media is never a brand new method.

BUT — there’s greater to social media promoting than pasting a link and clicking a “Tweet” button.

Here’s an instance of the fulfillment we’ve visible from clever sharing on the Ahrefs Twitter account:

Pretty marvelous, right?

Here’s any other example:

These tweets obtained first-rate engagement, however we surely spent very little time creating them.

We done this ROI by using working smarter, no longer more difficult.

How to Promote Your Blog Using Social Media (Smartly)

Here’s our procedure:

Step #1. Brainstorm Ideas and Organize Them

The first-rate factor approximately social media content material is it’s all fleeting. Even if an concept is a flop, it’s easy to show the page and attempt the next concept.

But to make the most of those (admittedly fleeting) opportunities, you need matters:

A massive list of ideas;

A approach for grouping similar thoughts into classes.

To brainstorm thoughts, get a pen and paper (or launch Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and so on.) and jot down things you would love to attempt.

Get as creative as you want.

Think memes could be famous together with your target audience? Write it down. Believe infographics or inspirational quotes could be a hit? Write them down. Believe posts or tweets on Topic X or Topic Y ought to get hold of excessive engagement?

(You get the concept.)

By list all your ideas, you’ll then be capable of institution them into classes. This will help you music which classes are a hit and which aren’t.

Step #2. Craft and Publish (and Monitor) Your Content

You can use social media control tools like Buffer and MeetEdgar to agenda your content material and preserve it running routinely.

Once your social media posts start making their manner into the wild, you’ll be capable of track their progress.

Do some acquire more feedback, at the same time as others receive extra shares and retweets? Are a few extra famous in the mornings, at the same time as others receive more engagement during the evenings?

All records, each proper and horrific, will help you within the subsequent step.

Step #3. Review the Results

After the proper quantity of time has long gone via, keep a evaluate.

Drop the types that didn’t perform well. Keep the ones with ability and refine them.

You need to focus on the kinds your audience likes and tweak them.

Do they like emojis, or do they gravitate towards a extra “severe” tone? Do they like infographics, or lengthy chunks of copy with records thrown in?

And so on.

From here, maintain repeating steps 1-three until you’ve locked down the sort of content material your target market loves.

And when you’ve discovered what they love, preserve giving it to them.

Step #4. Advertising (Optional)

If you want to try marketing, the above procedure will save you a few severe cash.

Pick your pinnacle organic performers from Step #3 and spend money on selling them.

Since they’ve already established themselves to be popular, this is a secure and powerful way to shop for ads to promote your weblog (with out losing time and money on losers).

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#four. Create Roundup Posts

The perks of this approach pretty lots sell themselves.

Here’s what happens while you put up a good roundup put up:

First off, it’s smooth to write down for the reason that most of the content is created for you;

You make new and powerful connections within your industry;

Thanks to the ones connections, you gain get right of entry to to new audiences;

Your put up certainly gains backlinks and social shares.

So… what’s a roundup submit, anyway?

Here’s an example:

Essentially, a roundup submit functions a compilation of answers to a single question, ideally via hooked up experts inside the area.

A super roundup submit adds tremendous fee to readers in view that they provide a number expert evaluations in one place.

Plus, they tend to herald masses of traffic since the professionals featured in them will regularly proportion the publish with their very own audiences.

What’s not to like?

How to Create Roundup Posts

Here are the basics of roundup posts so you can create your own:

Step #1. Craft Your Question

Don’t take this step gently.

If you ask an excessive amount of of the specialists you’ll be polling, maximum won’t have time to take part (even supposing they want to). And in case you ask a query they’ve heard (and answered) one million times, maximum gained’t be interested.

Your query desires to be clean, succinct, and something in an effort to attraction both on your readers and the specialists you’ll be asking to participate.

Step #2. Create a List of Influencers

Once you’ve crafted your question, it’s time to create your influencer wish list. These are the influencers (“specialists”) you’ll be asking to take part in your roundup submit.

Since now not everyone will reply to you, attain out to significantly extra professionals than you want.

For instance, if you need 20 human beings for your roundup post, attain out to 40 experts (or more).


A roundup post is only as true because the people you function. While it takes exponentially more time and effort to get a reaction from a extra identified name to your industry, it’s probably worth it.

With that said, don’t assume the Michael Jordans of your enterprise to respond to your outreach — try to locate humans with an inexpensive stage of impact who aren’t complete titans.

Step #three. Reach Out to the Experts

You can use specialized equipment like BuzzStream or Mailshake to streamline the entire outreach process by making it simpler to search out electronic mail addresses, batch ship messages, and conduct observe-ups.

Quick suggestions for the message you ship:

Keep it quick;

Keep it actual.

Step #4. Follow Up (But Only Once)

There’s a threat your first e-mail will slip past the expert you’re trying to attain. After all, they’re very busy and in all likelihood acquire dozens (or masses) of emails every single day.

This is why sending a follow-up e-mail is helpful:

However, please don’t comply with-up extra than as soon as — any more than that and you’re just being a nuisance.

Step #five. Compile Your Responses

At this factor, you’ll have a bunch of solutions geared up to sift via. Now all you want to do is turn them into a cohesive post.

Try to locate tendencies within the responses and kind them into sections.

Next, upload your very own advent to every phase, in addition to your opinion on why positive trends passed off.

This is how you placed your stamp at the roundup submit and make it your own.

Step #6. Publish Your Post (And Tell the Experts)

Once your put up is posted, it’s time to allow anyone recognise approximately it.

Email every person who replied for your outreach emails (whether they in the long run contributed to your post or not) and thank them for their time. Include a link on your put up, and be sure to ship them properly-desires.

You can also ask them (civilly) to share your publish with their target audience, however that is frequently implied.

Editor’s Note:

Want to permit influencers recognise your submit has been posted and promote the post at the equal time? In addition to emailing them, tag the influencers on Twitter too.

#five. Advocate In-Person

While all blogs are virtual in nature, your promotional efforts aren’t limited to the digital global alone.

It might be a step (or ten!) out of doors your consolation sector, but do this:

Approach a neighborhood occasion to your niche and pitch your self as a speaker.

It doesn’t be counted where you are inside the international or how huge the event is — it may even be a small meet-up session.

The idea is to attain out to new humans and supply the work you do a big visibility increase.

How to Promote Your Blog with the aid of Speaking at Events

If you’re inquisitive about this advanced promotional tactic, right here’s the way to get started:

Step #1. Shortlist a Few Events or Meet-Ups You’d Like to Attend

If you’re not certain in which to begin, go searching on Reddit, Facebook companies, or Slack corporations and be part of a few communities in your enterprise.

Chances are right human beings are organizing and promoting activities in these communities.

Make a list of ability objectives, underline your favorites, and move directly to the next step.

Step #2. Pitch Yourself to Event Organizers

When pitching your self, advise a few topics that you’d be comfortable speaking approximately and explain how your content material will add fee to their audience.

Hopefully it is going without announcing, however you must recognize these subjects thoroughly.

Note: If you have no enjoy with public speaking, it’s an awesome concept to start small. Save the convention keynote speeches for later.

Step #three. Craft Your Presentation

Try to supply as plenty value as you could and position your blog as a awesome useful resource. This is also a great time to promote your social media debts, which can be preferably already geared in the direction of driving site visitors to your blog.

Just be sure no longer to make it all approximately you. Your process is to train, to impart your recognize-how to others.

And when you’re capable of do that well, promoting your blog will take place organically.

Step #4. Speak

Show as much as the occasion, deliver your speech, meet lots of recent human beings, and enjoy changing some new readers!

Editor’s Note:

To improve your probabilities of touchdown talking engagements, make certain you:

Have a internet site (aka your commercial enterprise card);

Create a 2-3 minute demo video (aka your film trailer);

Acquire some testimonials (from humans inclined to vouch for you).

There’s lots extra to it than we are able to unpack here, so make certain to check out Grant Stanley Baldwin’s publish How to Get Speaking Engagements. In reality, browse his complete internet site, The Speaker Lab. It’s chock-complete of beneficial information.

#6. Integrate Your Blog with Your Product

Most corporations have blogs which can be completely disconnected from their main product.

If you blog for a brand or commercial enterprise, why no longer align your messaging and combine your weblog posts without delay into your UI (for software merchandise) or for your product descriptions and previews (for e-commerce)?

This helps you to direct site visitors over on your weblog and offers your customers a greater seamless experience.

How to Fuse Your Blog and Product

For software merchandise, one way to notify humans of your most up-to-date blog posts is to include a (preferably unobtrusive) in-app notification.

Here’s what it seems like when the use of Ahrefs:

Click the bell icon and we show a easy drop-down menu listing all our newest content material.

So easy, however so effective.

If you have an e-trade internet site and your blog posts are instructional in nature, you may promote them directly on your homepage.

Beardbrand does this superbly:

Another way to do that is with the aid of scattering in man or woman hyperlinks and excerpts of your weblog posts anywhere they’re applicable. This is how Mr Porter does it:

Time to get creative!

Editor’s Note:

Here’s one more tip that’s ignored via a shocking variety of commercial enterprise websites…

Include a distinguished link to your weblog in your website’s navigation menu.

Ahrefs, MeetEdgar, and lots of different clever groups feature their blogs in their navigation, which enables drive visitors to them.

Here’s how Quuu does it:

In different words:If people must hunt to find your weblog ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE, you’re doing it wrong.Click To Tweet

#7. Collaborate with Other Blogs

Creating content material in collaboration with some other blog method you’re capable of tap into each other’s audiences and may promote your self to an entire new set of weblog readers.

You may even split the work!

Here’s a put up that Ahrefs did with Buffer, a social media control device:

How to Join Forces With Another Blog

Fair caution:

Collaborating with blogs significantly larger than yours probably isn’t in the cards. However, taking part with a site comparable in length is sincerely workable.

Here’s how to get began:

Step #1. Find Opportunities in Your Niche

Look for opportunities to work with blogs within the same niche as yours.

Start by way of approaching bloggers you have an current relationship with and ask in the event that they’d want to collaborate. You need to leave cold pitching as a closing inn.

If you have no idea which blogs to method, Ahrefs gives a nifty trick:

In Content Explorer, input a applicable keyword word on your area of interest.

Set the “posted” clear out to “Last 365 days” and the “Language” filter out to “English”. Next, spotlight the “one hyperlink in step with domain” alternative.

Finally, you’ll need to set one greater filter: DR (“domain score”).

The higher this range, the extra authoritative the internet site; however, the greater authoritative the internet site the harder it’ll be with a purpose to get the blogger’s attention.

In the screenshot underneath, we set the DR to 40:

This will pull a listing of lively blogs in your niche.

From here, just sift through the possibilities and choose those you’d want to technique.

Step #2. Make Your Pitch

The system is quite similar to advocating in-individual: you need to make your satisfactory pitch.

Focus on explaining why you need to paintings with that specific blogger, in addition to how collaboration will benefit them.

Feel loose to signify more than one topics you sense would paintings well.

Step #3. Create

Creation time!

Finalize your content material with the blogger you’re running with and remember to stay activate and gracious at some point of.

This is not the time to get pushy or impolite and make an enemy out of a could-be best friend.

Step #four. Publish and Promote

Promote the put up on your publication and social media bills. Make positive to tag and deliver credit to the alternative blogger too.

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#8. Repurpose Content Into Other Formats to Reach New Audiences

You’ve spent all this effort and time to create amazing content material within the shape of blog posts.

Why not get extra out of the equal piece of content?

Since your customers hang out in more than one locations on-line and feature their very own choices in relation to content material codecs, you must attempt to attain audiences beyond weblog readers.

And you try this via repurposing your content material.

How to Repurpose Your Content

Some examples:

Turn your blog posts into SlideShare shows;

Take a small segment of your weblog publish and reimagine it as an infographic;

Convert your blog post into a YouTube video.

Or, do it in reverse.

We posted a YouTube academic on WordPress search engine optimization. It has over 20,000 views and 70 comments — no longer too shabby.

We determined to show it right into a weblog submit. Here’s how it finished:

By re-developing our video in written shape, we had been capable of reach a completely new target market on an entirely specific platform.

And the excellent element?

We didn’t ought to give you clean content for the submit. We took what we already had and created something new with it.

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#nine. Monitor Online Conversations for Opportunities to Promote Yourself

People speak about all kinds of matters at the Internet, including your area of interest.

If you reveal these conversations, you’ll get plenty of possibilities to slip into the dialogue, add fee, and (subtly) promote your weblog.

Here’s a pretty meta example of this tactic in motion.

I once noted Talkwalker alerts in a weblog post I wrote, and an employee commented on the publish to offer the hyperlink:

How to Monitor Conversations for Promotion Opportunities

Tracking online conversations is exceptionally easy. Here’s how you do it:

Step #1. Set up Your Alert

You can use a unfastened device like Google Alerts, or offerings like Talkwalker Alerts and Ahrefs Alerts.

For Ahrefs, go to Alerts, Mentions, +New Alert, and input your keyword you’d want to tune.

What those equipment do is send you an email each time a key-word is referred to at the internet.

From there, you may definitely comply with the hyperlink within the electronic mail to find out in which you’ve been noted.

Step #2. Carefully Monitor Your Mentions

Whether your mention comes in a weblog article or a discussion board dialogue, look for suitable areas in which you may upload price.

For instance, if you’re a food blogger and you acquire an alert for a discussion of a restaurant, it’s your time to shine by speakme about your personal experience.

However, a word of warning:

It’s extraordinarily essential not to shoehorn your self into conversations.

If you’re clearly most effective there to put it on the market your own blog, human beings will catch on quite fast.

So, make sure to link in your very own weblog strategically, and handiest once you’d introduced fee to the dialogue.

Editor’s Note:

You also can track mentions using Twitter’s advanced seek.

For instance, let’s say I desired to find every English-speakme tweet in 2018 that mentioned Jon Morrow by means of call:

Twitter’s superior search effects could go back a veritable smorgasbord of tweets:

Cool, right?

I regularly use this feature to find out who’s sharing content material we’ve posted, together with our recent posts on freelance writing jobs and associate advertising and marketing.

Use Twitter’s superior search to find key phrases and mentions that count number to you, roll up your sleeves, and then get to work. The applications are nearly infinite.

Over to You

If you every so often locate yourself mendacity in mattress at night wondering, “how do I increase my blog traffic?”, I feel your ache.

I did my satisfactory to live away from the extra commonplace methods of weblog promoting, so with any luck you discovered some thing new to strive.

Of path, now not all of the procedures we mentioned can be suitable for, or will work for, your weblog and your particular area of interest.

You’ll want to test and discover what works for you.

When it comes all the way down to it, advertising is continually approximately experimenting — experimenting, failing, and going at it again and again until you be successful.

Now, go forth and get that site visitors!

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