How to Quickly Create an Online Course with WordPress

How to Quickly Create an Online Course with WordPress

Here’s a difficult reality: Your goal customers are not going to buy anything from you if they don’t know you could deliver results.

Unless you have already proven you can assist them, you’re constantly going to be fighting an uphill warfare for income.
Fortunately, there is an smooth way to expose your value and win unswerving fans on the equal time. Create a quick, on line route that receives those best clients onto your electronic mail list. If you deliver your course to subscribers over numerous emails, as an ‘eCourse’, you may then construct a courting with them. They’ll see the price you provide and will finally want to buy from you.
Why might you want to use an eCourse rather than some thing like an eBook?
A few motives:
eCourses have greater perceived fee due to the fact that your subscribers get hold of content material from you more than once
Courses interact your audience extra, considering that they’re given concrete actions to take
Sending content in separate emails gives you more time to develop a relationship, in particular in case you additionally combine it with live elements
Dripping your direction over numerous training gives people time to do so on what they’re gaining knowledge of, which results in higher results, which leads to you searching like a celeb.

But growing a route is so time-ingesting, and there are such a lot of moving parts, and it’s luxurious to join one of these high-quality route systems, and, and, and…
Nope. Creating an online course you can use to construct your listing simply calls for three things:
A WordPress website (weblog)
An email marketing platform (for listing building)
A brandable, finished-for-you direction
In this academic, I’ll show you precisely how you may speedy create an online course with WordPress, with none fancy software program, luxurious subscriptions, or complex tech talents.
The best matters I’m going to count on are which you have a WordPress site already and an electronic mail advertising platform. I presently use ActiveCampaign, but I’ve used Aweber inside the beyond.
There are two main parts to growing the direction:
Part 1: Create the Course Content
For this, you’ll want:
A accurate ‘a way to’ document or course that’s brandable and offers you a license to edit it. Almost all the content material we’ve Content Sparks gives the ones rights when you buy a license. For example, test out our route on The Power of Storytelling in Marketing.
Some primary record enhancing software, like Microsoft Office, so that you can edit and logo your content material. You’ll additionally use that to convert any downloads to pdf.
Admin access on your WordPress blog, with the capability to add posts and pages. If you are no longer precise with fundamental WordPress posts, you could additionally hire a person to add the content material for you and make it look quite.
Part 2: Build Your Opt-in Funnel
To subscribe humans for your direction and deliver the content material, you may want:
An e-mail advertising platform that consists of a feature for automatically sending a series of emails. Any halfway respectable one ought to have that capacity.
A page that consists of an opt-in form in which humans can join up to your direction and get the ones emails sent to them. You can create this page in WordPress and add the shape code from your email platform. Or, optionally, you may use a web page-builder that offers customizable templates. I use LeadPages, since they have templates that are already demonstrated to transform. All I must do is hyperlink it to my email platform and pick the right listing to subscribe human beings to.
Ok, now for a piece extra element. I’ve broken down each of these two parts into the steps you’ll want to observe to installation your on-line direction funnel in WordPress and supply each lesson thru e mail.
Part 1: Create Your Course Content
Using brandable, finished-for-you content is what is going to make your path content material introduction time fly with the aid of. So grab a package deal that you already have to your pc, or take a look at out those we’ve got in our Shop.
Make sure it has an Action Guide or Workbook that goes with Learning Activities or Action Steps within the most important file or Course Book.
Each bankruptcy or module may be a lesson in your eCourse, inserted into a password-blanketed WordPress post
Each worksheet can be a down load internal that lesson publish
Now comply with those 10 steps to put together your route content material:

1 – Edit and Brand Your Content
Look thru your foremost direction content and edit some thing you need to exchange. Add your own insights and examples, remove content material that doesn’t work to your target audience, add links for your own assets, and many others. It’s up to you. But remember that first-rate AND pace are the desires. So you don’t want to rewrite the entirety. The entire factor of the usage of desirable brandable content material is that you can use it as your base and simplest edit in which you certainly sense it’s essential.
Add your branding to whatever that you will need human beings to down load, specially worksheets. If you have got one among our Action Guides or Workbooks, do all the modifying and branding there. Then ruin it up into character worksheets, in separate documents.
You then want to keep it as a pdf and add it to your WordPress ‘Media’ folder, so that it’s geared up to down load.

2 – Copy/Paste Chapters into Separate Posts
Next, create separate posts on your WordPress website for every of the modules or chapters for your course. Then replica the textual content from each chapter and paste it into the suitable put up. If you’re the use of Microsoft Word, lots of the formatting will replica over. Alternatively, you could reproduction the text into some thing like Notepad to cast off the formatting. Then paste it into your publish.
Remember to keep the draft of every submit after you’ve got pasted in the textual content and given it a call! You’ll analyze that lesson the hard way whilst your laptop crashes and all of your work is misplaced. Been there, performed that.
I also advocate you are making it clear in each publish call that it is a part of your route series. Number every one and positioned the call of the direction inside the identify.

Three – Set to Password-Protected
Since you don’t need just anybody to get entry to your path, you want to set your post to ‘Password Protected’. You’ll then get brought about to create a password. Use the equal password for each post, in order that it’s smooth for humans to get entry to every one in the path. They’ll get caused to go into the password when you give them the link to the submit in your emails.
You also can use plugins to ‘cover’ the post from search engines like google and placement search. If you don’t have the ones, do not worry approximately it now. Remember, we’re preserving it rapid and simple to get started out.

4 – Add Formatting and Images
Here’s wherein you could want a few help in case you’re no longer awesome with WordPress formatting and pix. You’ve pasted in straight text for now. But you have to add some visuals to spice it up and engage human beings.
Based at the content material, remember including styling for rates and sub-headings. Then upload pix, pics to represent key factors, or even videos.
Five – Add Download Link to Worksheet
At the lowest of the put up, make the Action Steps or Learning Activity very clear, with its very own sub-heading. Underneath that, add a hyperlink for your worksheet pdf. Remember you uploaded that on your media library?
You can hyperlink some textual content. But it’ll appearance even better in case you clutch a button photograph, insert it into your publish, and then link that in your down load. Not certain how to create a hyperlink? All you do is spotlight the little ‘link’ icon for your editor and paste in the url from your media library report.

6 – Add Link to Previous and Next Lesson
At the very backside of your lesson posts, it’s beneficial to put links to the preceding lesson within the series and the subsequent one. Obviously, the first lesson might not have a ‘preceding’ link.
This permits human beings to quickly navigate to and fro, so one can revisit preceding lessons after which flow to the subsequent one when they are prepared. It additionally continues them on your website online longer, that’s always an awesome issue

7 – Add a CTA Link in Last Lesson
You need people to preserve following you and subsequently buy something, right? By the time they end your direction, they’ll be prepared to do so. So give them a ‘Call to Action’ or CTA to every other route or paid software or product, or strategy consultation wherein you will sell services.
Eight – Write Your Email Series
Your course content is all prepared now besides for one crucial part – the emails you’ll send to give humans the links to each lesson.
Draft your emails in a separate report, with one electronic mail sending humans to every applicable submit within the course series. You can structure it like this:
Welcome Email – Thanks, welcome, what the path is set, what they will get out of it, and hyperlink to first lesson
Lessons 2 through End – What they blanketed in the previous lesson, the blessings of this subsequent one, and a link to the lesson. Plus, a few phrases of encouragement and in which they could get assist.
Final Email – Wrap up the direction, in which they are able to get admission to all the classes, where they are able to go for more help, a hyperlink to a route/product/provider a good way to assist even more
9 – Optional: Create One Page with ALL the Lesson Links
For individuals who want to head back and revisit the lessons, it is beneficial to have one page in which you list all of them. You can reference that in your ultimate e mail (see preceding step) and offer it to them as a short manner to navigate their route, even once they’ve completed the e-mail series.
10 – Optional: Create a Facebook Group
The last dating-constructing results come if you have verbal exchange and interaction together with your college students. You can do that through email, however a Facebook Group that is committed for your path will generate extra communication as you develop. It also gives a place for college kids to invite questions and proportion thoughts and challenges. That, in turn, offers you more and greater insight approximately your audience.
Part 2: Create Your List Building Funnel
Now it’s time to get people onto your list and start sending them via your course.
Since everybody’s electronic mail platform is a bit exclusive, I’ll leave those technical set up elements to the tutorials that your platform have to offer. However, here are the fundamental steps that you may want to finish. Any screenshots here are from ActiveCampaign, the email advertising and marketing service I use and love!

1 – Create a Dedicated Email List
Your electronic mail marketing platform need to have the capacity to create distinctive lists. Create a separate one just for this direction, giving it a descriptive name so you do not forget what it is for. That’s it. There’s isn’t always loads worried right here.

2 – Set Up Your Email Series
This is likewise referred to as an autoresponder or observe-up series. In my platform, ActiveCampaign, it is known as an ‘automation’. You set it to ‘trigger’ when a person confirms they want to be to your listing after submitting their records (see subsequent step).
The first e mail should be your ‘welcome’ e mail. Use your email platform’s editor to paste for your textual content and include your link to the first lesson of the direction in WordPress.
Personalize the e-mail with their name, if you’re collecting that information, and do not pass too wild with quite formatting. At the maximum, stick with your brand at the pinnacle and your headshot at the bottom, in order that humans recognise who the email is from. Remember, they do not know you nicely yet.
Do the identical with the relaxation of your emails, being certain to consist of the applicable lesson hyperlink. You’ll also need to set the range of days in between every e mail. Depending at the motion steps they need to take after every lesson, you may set it to supply daily, every few days, or as soon as per week. Don’t move longer than that or humans will neglect who you’re.

Three – Create an Opt-in Form
Every platform has a characteristic for growing a signal-up form. Set one up that asks for human beings’s email and, optionally, their name. Make certain that you’ve set it to send out your first e mail once they’ve confirmed they need to enroll in the route

four – Create Your Opt-in Page
If you’re using a WordPress page, you’ll should use a few enhancing abilties to make it appearance pretty. Then add the code on your opt-in shape in the ‘Text’ or html view inside the web page editor.
Otherwise, in case you use something like LeadPages, create your web page and observe the tutorials to link it in your e mail platform and list. You can even create a pretty thank-you page and set up your opt-in web page to ship human beings there after they’ve submitted their info.

Finally, you have to constantly TEST EVERYTHING. Sign up for your direction and make certain you’re sent the appropriate confirmation email and first e mail inside the collection. Make positive all of your hyperlinks in emails are sending you to the proper lesson put up. And check your download links to make sure you can get entry to the applicable worksheets.
And closing, however not least, begin driving site visitors on your opt-in page so that you can watch your listing develop and your commercial enterprise take off.
Your new on-line course is an asset that you may use at any time to attract and construct a relationship with capacity clients. However, you could additionally use it as a bonus for contemporary clients. They’ll respect the greater assist and maintain coming back to you as a end result.
Want to down load a pdf of this post, together with a handy checklist of all the steps to cover?
Just click on the box below to request the down load:

Not certain what online direction to create first?
Check out the one I referred to in advance on The Power of Storytelling in Marketing:
The Power of Storytelling in Marketing
Teach Yourself. Then train your audience.

You’ll get a direction book and movement manual to use in your eCourse, in addition to some different content you may use to create video, webinars, bonus handouts, and greater.
Everything is editable and brandable. So you may speedy use your new content to grow your list of leads, create a fee-packed resource for clients, or even promote it as a brand new profits movement.

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