What is Content Marketing? (An Easy Primer for Beginners)

What is Content Marketing? (An Easy Primer for Beginners)

Have you been Googling “what’s content material advertising and marketing” and maintain locating lightweight fluff or, worse, last guides filled with so much data that analyzing them is like consuming via a water hose? If so, this easy, thorough primer is simply what you need.

How does this sound?

A marketing channel that…

Stands the check of time. You can do it for years with out the channel going out of style or your paintings turning into less powerful.

Provides a compounding superb return on investment that improves as it ages. You put in $one hundred, and by way of the quit of 12 months 3, it’s made $10,000.

Helps you attract, convert, and preserve customers. It does triple obligation with out triple the work or funding.

If it sounds too top to be real, I have excellent news.

It’s no longer. This marketing channel exists.

It’s no longer only for on line influencers. It’s nearly loose to kick off and run. And you don’t need to do whatever unlawful to begin it.

It’s content advertising.

What is Content Marketing?

Content advertising is a strategic marketing channel that drives person and patron acquisition and retention thru the steady improvement and distribution of virtual content material.

All styles of agencies use content material marketing, from character specialists and solopreneurs, to large media and ecommerce groups.

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Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Many advertising and marketing groups new to the content material advertising method will put up some articles, music their overall performance for a few weeks, and then throw up their hands in frustration whilst Google Analytics indicates that they didn’t make any income.

“We tried content marketing and it didn’t work” they’ll say, and then flow onto the following channel test to find their golden price ticket to advertising nirvana.

But the reality is, they didn’t provide content advertising a fair shake.

Content Marketing Acts because the Engine for All Other Marketing Efforts

The majority of content-pushed income received’t display up as “last touch” conversions. That’s due to the fact content material marketing rarely receives the credit for the sales it has a big hand in driving.

Not sure what I imply?

Consider the following purchaser journey state of affairs:

You’re traveling to Europe for enterprise, and while you arrive at your destination, you need to be on your A-game, as you’re assembly a capability patron that could be career-making if you have been to land their business.

The hassle? Between the dehydration, jet lag, bloating, and complications, you in no way experience correct while you fly.

But due to the fact that is such an crucial business trip, and also you know it’s greater vital to stay healthy whilst you’re traveling, you try and locate solutions on Google.

You kind in “healthy tour pointers” and find this newsletter with 12 strategies to live healthful and experience better before, at some point of, and after your flight.

After analyzing the weblog submit, you continue planning your ride. The subsequent day, you’re browsing Facebook or LinkedIn and also you see an advert for a fitness complement to help your body while travelling.

When you click on on the advert, you’re introduced to the same website you visited the day earlier than.

When you go to leave the page, a shape slides in presenting you a ten% bargain in alternate for your e mail. You input your e-mail cope with after which cross lower back to browsing social media.

The next day, you open your inbox and discover an e-mail along with your coupon code for 10% off the drink blend. You use the coupon at checkout and sense prepared for the long flight beforehand of you.

Now, while the enterprise’s advertising and marketing team reviews their metrics, your purchase will in all likelihood be attributed to e-mail advertising. That’s due to the fact you purchased the product from the follow-up electronic mail they despatched you.

However, with out right content advertising, you never could have been retargeted on Facebook or LinkedIn with the commercial that led you to end up a subscriber to their email listing.

In different phrases:

A content material advertising campaign is usually a consumer’s first interplay with you.

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What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

Of the various advertising channels available to virtual entrepreneurs, content advertising and marketing is one of the channels with the widest-reaching benefits, as it permits many different channels to be more effective.

A a success content advertising program will even gain all levels of the advertising and marketing funnel.

Here’s how:

1. Drives Sales Conversions

As with any inbound marketing channel, the primary reason of any content material advertising attempt is to pressure sales and conversions.

Some content material towards the bottom of the advertising funnel, which includes sales pages and landing pages, will drive direct conversions, however the majority of content material captures users at the attention and interest ranges of the funnel, in order that they help in driving sales, as cited in the earlier scenario.

2. Increases Website Traffic

With a few exceptions, you could’t convert people who never land on your internet site.

Experienced marketers appearance to content material advertising and marketing to drive site visitors to their websites and grow their customer base.

The pleasant part about content advertising is that the visitors an awesome content strategy can pressure is centered and qualified.

You create valuable content material this is fairly applicable for your products or enterprise, and your new traffic are seeking that content, so that they’re much more likely to be warmer leads.

The warmer the lead, the much more likely the lead will become a new purchaser.

3. Improves Brand Awareness

Say you had been to launch a brand new yoga tools logo from scratch. You don’t have any traffic, no customers, and no emblem consciousness. Nobody knows who you are.

But then, you begin publishing regular content that’s high first-rate. And your best clients — beginner yogis and yoga fans — begin to see your emblem call when they’re attempting to find yoga content material.

On YouTube, the five-Minute Morning Yoga video content material you advanced is doping up after they’re searching for guided yoga films.

On Google, the content you evolved approximately the exceptional poses, and the benefits and types of yoga starts to expose up in their search effects.

They start to see your brandmark on the infographic you advanced that’s been shared on social media.

As you create and post extra relevant content, your target market begins seeing your logo anywhere — you construct brand cognizance.

That’s because content advertising is extraordinarily powerful in constructing emblem cognizance online. So effective, a whopping 81% of survey respondents in a latest CMI report touted content material advertising’s effectiveness in boosting brand attention.

In brief, it works.

4. Enables Other Marketing Channels

Because content material advertising is powerful in riding site visitors and brand attention, a stable content material advertising and marketing strategy can enable and drive a go back on investment for different advertising channels.

For instance, whilst you attract site visitors to your website thru an informative, valuable piece of enticing content, you can then capture their electronic mail cope with, thereby activating your e mail marketing method.

If you don’t seize their electronic mail deal with, you’ll be capable of retarget them with a social media advertising and marketing or PPC commercial, driving them returned for your internet site to convert later.

Five. Acts as a Backlink Magnet

Whether legitimate or not, backlinks are nonetheless frequently viewed because the holy grail of virtual advertising.

“If we had extra backlinks, we’d be able to rank for this seek time period, have a higher area authority, and be greater straightforward.”

“If we had extra inbound links, we’d be able to entice more companions, affiliates, and influencers.”

But “hyperlink building” ought to no longer be used as a verb. It’s not some thing you ought to go out and do.

After all, the websites which can be inclined to link in your article due to the fact you reached out to them and asked them to, or in exchange for a economic reward or reciprocal action, are likely no longer the kind of websites you want hyperlinks from.

Those who write for or operate the web sites which you want links from — the media websites, popular bloggers, and influencers — link to the first-rate, most relevant content, because they don’t need to waste their target market’s attention on anything else.

When you post the first-class content at the internet about your topic, you’re building a one-way link magnet. Backlinks will come to you. You gained’t have to are seeking for them.

6. Builds Your Email List

Aside from content advertising, email advertising is the channel widely known for having one of the highest go back on investments available.

It makes feel too.

A list of folks that wanted to pay attention from you sufficient to provide you their email cope with are far more likely to convert than anybody else — besides perhaps your mom.

Content advertising and marketing provides ample possibility not simplest to power certified site visitors from whom to seize emails, as cited above, however also to incentivize traffic to join your email list.

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What are the Different Types of Content Marketing?

When many people think of content material advertising, they assume mainly of written content, along with blog posts. While this is the maximum extensively-recognised content material kind, there are specific mediums through which to supply content material, which include audio, visible, written, and video.

1. Written Content

Written content is the most widely recognized form of content, and is what you’re eating right now as you study this guide. This consists of:

Blogging (articles and posts)



Swipe files

Case research


Written content material is the most popular shape of content for precise purpose: it permits you to target applicable keywords in hopes of ranking on the first page in search outcomes for that seek term.

For instance, the search engine optimization (seo) friendly Happiest Baby website, which sells products to assist newborns sleep, ranks #1 for the famous seek time period “child sleep time table”:

This certainly brings in masses of visitors.

It’ll manifest in the end, but Google’s not yet savvy sufficient to discover these keywords in audio or video content past list facts, so whilst you’re growing a terrific content material approach, written content is in which maximum content material marketers begin.

2. Audio Content

Most folks eat audio content often, in the vehicle on our manner to work, at the treadmill, or within the kitchen cooking.

Examples of content material in audio layout encompass:



Radio shows

If you’re a regular listener of podcasts, you probable sense like you realize the show host extremely for my part. That’s because it’s difficult now not to sense friendly with any individual when you listen their voice speaking about some thing that topics to you each day!

Audio content lets in you to connect with your audience greater in my view. Many marketers supplement their audio content with written content material like a blog publish or transcript to help rank for relevant key phrases.

3. Video Content

When you believe you studied of serps, you probable consider Google, Bing, and Yahoo, proper?

But accept as true with it or now not, YouTube is one in all the biggest search engines in the international. Every time you watch some thing online, you’re eating video content material. Video content exists on:



Instagram (IGTV, Instagram Story, and feed videos)

Facebook (Facebook Watch, Facebook Live)

Recorded webinars

Digital route sites (Skillshare, Creative Live, Lynda.Com, and so forth.)

As our pals over at Ahrefs show, video content material may be relatively powerful in teaching, converting, and building logo cognizance:

4. Visual Content

Another commonplace type of content material advertising and marketing is visual.

Content advertising and marketing examples of visual content material consist of:


Slide decks


Memes, and so forth.

High-great visible content regularly is advanced to complement and beautify written or video content material, although it is able to also be consumed through itself.

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What is Content Marketing? A Marketing Force Multiplier

Abraham Lincoln has been quoted as pronouncing, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the primary 4 polishing the axe.”

Applied to advertising and marketing, brilliant content advertising and marketing is like polishing your axe.

It makes all your different marketing greater powerful.

It’s sustainable, strategic, and offers lengthy-time period increase.

It presents an unreal return on funding.

And it’s absolutely natural. It’s one of the handiest advertising channels you don’t should “pay to play.”

Bottom line?

If you’re ready to boom your visitors, enhance your brand recognition, grow your email list, and make more sales; you need to start building a exceptional content advertising method nowadays.

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