What is Google Analytics Used For?

What is Google Analytics Used For?

What is Google Analytics Used For?

Google Analytics is used to view internet site analytics through the years. When Google Analytics is used at its complete potential, it allow you to music your ROI (go back on investment) for all your online advertising efforts. It does this by giving you unique insights into the distinct methods your customers observed your website and how they use it once they land on it.

Using the information tracked through Google Analytics, you may spot trends in consumer activity, how your pages and posts are acting, and make knowledgeable selections based totally on how your website site visitors genuinely interact along with your internet site. Google Analytics permits you to stop guessing about what site visitors do. You can actually see the real, uncooked statistics.

Google analytics dashboard

Google Analytics additionally allows you to seamlessly combine different merchandise from Google, which include the Google Search Console and your Google Ads account. It also gives you the capacity to encompass tracking codes that music the performance of your on-line campaigns along with social media, PR, advertising and marketing or some other marketing campaign on any website or platform.


What Does Google Analytics Do to Track Data?

Before Google Analytics can start tracking the statistics for your internet site, you first should install a completely unique code on the site. The code you’ll take delivery of is a snippet of what’s called Javascript; a language for coding that mechanically runs in a domain traveler’s browser once they’re on each individual page.

Your unique Javascript code works in unison with a far larger Javascript file positioned on Google’s servers. It collects all the statistics approximately your users’ website online activity. Every time your internet site is visited, the Javascript code tracks the whole thing the tourist does throughout their visit.

In addition, the code places a cookie on a user’s tool that offers additional anonymous records.

To unleash the whole power of Google Analytics, use UTM parameters. These are specific tags you can piggyback onto the cease of your URLs that deliver Google additional data approximately your website online links, which include:

The campaigns that your website site visitors is coming from

Which social media channels are driving the very best quantities of revenue

What Can Google Analytics Do for Me?

Google Analytics assist you to make higher choices which might be based on solid data and website analytics.

For instance, Google Analytics allows you to:

Justify greater spending on powerful advertising

Discover overlooked advertising opportunities

Measure the exceptional styles of content material to post

What Data Will Google Analytics Measure?

Google Analytics is built on two “constructing block” information sorts of dimensions and metrics.

When you watched facts dimensions, think about your facts’s attributes, like the towns and cities your visitors comes from, the particular web page you’re looking to optimize, or the social channel you’re measuring and comparing.

Data metrics, therefore, are the measurements of the size. As an example, if you’re reporting on how your Google Adsense commercials are acting in San Francisco (dimension), the 1,500 sessions recorded is your metric.

3 Data Types Measured via Google Analytics

To get greater particular, Google Analytics categorizes your facts into what’s known as the ABCs:




You’ll be able to use Google Analytics to absolutely damage down your total target market and visitors in real-time.


Acquisition well-knownshows wherein your website online traffic comes from. Using acquisition reviews will assist you recognize how visitors arrives for your website.

When first searching below Acquisition, you’ll see the Overview tab. The Overview tab will provide you with a complete picture of the purchase, behavior and conversion statistics for your pinnacle-performing resources of traffic by means of channel (direct, social, organic seek, referral).

This suggests you some key up-front facts, consisting of:

Bounce quotes of acquisitions

Number of classes

Conversions from highest appearing channels

It gives a quick and easy manner to study the overall performance of your top channels.

Utilizing Acquisition reviews is the precise way to have a look at which avenues convey the most traffic to your WordPress website online and how positive moves manifest in the web page.

As an example, while you want to analyze which seek engine drives the bulk of your natural traffic, you could use the Source/Medium view. This will can help you drill down and examine person site visitors resources that introduced to your clients (along with Bing/Organic vs. Google/Organic).

Another option is to apply the Referral view. This lets in you to explore the precise referral sources which can be using site site visitors. You can use this precious facts to make knowledgeable selections on where you must sell your content material.

You may be surprised how plenty of your visitors comes from Pinterest, as an example. But understanding with the intention to let you know which you should spend greater time and sources for your Pinterest following.

To observe your social referrals handiest, you may use the Social tab. This will give you facts on simplest your visitors from social media.

This tab will assist you find out which networks humans use the most to interact along with your web page content material. You may even pinpoint which portions of content perform the high-quality inside each character network.

Here, you’ll see first-hand how commercial enterprise-related content material on LinkedIn plays higher than on Instagram. And you’ll see how amusement content works better on Facebook than on Twitter.

Remember how we cited in advance that Google Analytics integrates seamlessly with other Google tools?

The Acquisition location of Google Analytics integrates perfectly together with your Google Ads account. This lets you tune the overall performance of ad campaigns in phrases of client acquisition.

You can access the Ads phase to test in on key-word overall performance and determine the maximum popular seek engine queries which might be riding web site traffic. This records can be used to create rather focused marketing campaigns that are primarily based on hot subjects and search queries that humans are searching out.

The Search Console can without difficulty be included to test in at the performance of your touchdown pages. By doing this, you may work to absolutely optimize your touchdown pages to boom click thru prices.

Lastly, use Campaign view to tune which site visitors arrived on your web page from campaigns installation using precise UTM parameters. The outcomes are mainly for the campaigns established with UTM codes, no longer for robotically synching advert campaigns.


Behavior reviews in Google Analytics are about getting an know-how of what your website online traffic do when they’re on your internet site. When you use Behavior reviews, you’ll be able to determine how your website content material plays, while determining in case your customers participate inside the precise moves which you need them to perform.

When having access to the Behavior tab, you’ll note an Overview. This will provide you with a graph that shows how a great deal site visitors your web site received all through a detailed period of time.

You’ll see:

Pageviews: the whole quantity of pages that have been viewed in your website

Unique Pageviews: the number of actual human beings which have checked out a web page or put up at the least one time for the duration of their visit

Average Time On Page: the amount of time your customers common spending on each page

Bounce Rate: the proportion of website online visitors that simplest view one web page all through their go to

Percent Exit: the share of your users that go out from a set of pages or man or woman page

It’s time to take a look at the Behavior Flow view. The Behavior Flow view will assist you to see the route your visitors maximum usually take for the duration of a site visit, from the time they input till they go out.

You can use this data to recognize where and why users most usually drop off your website online. You’ll also advantage know-how about the maximum not unusual places human beings input your web page.

Other user Behavior file sections protected inside the Google Analytics platform encompass:

Site Content

Site Speed

Site Search


Let’s say, as an instance, which you host an internet education route and direct attendees to a specific landing page in your website online that should funnel them into signing up or purchasing your course.

By using Behavior reviews, you’ll be capable of see how many attendees visited your touchdown web page after the workshop, how many of them transformed inside the funnel, and how your website completed all through the higher inflow of site visitors.

With this information, you’ll gain a better understanding of the way to tailor your touchdown web page and sales funnel for the following workshop.


You can’t improve your usual conversion charge with out first knowledge how users convert in your website online. The Conversions segment is where this happens.

Your Google Analytics Conversion reviews are broken down into 4 separate sections, that are:



Multi-channel funnel


Google Analytics Conversions Explained

Let’s have a look at every this type of Google Analytics Conversions information factors in more detail.


The first component you’ll notice inside the Goals section is the Overview tab, similar to in the other sections. Within Overview, you’ll observe a summary of the overall wide variety of aim completions to your site.

This number is your general conversions.

In order so as to achieve success right here, set up sensible, semi-competitive goals. If you’re going for walks a internet site selling high-end WordPress protection offerings a good way to require a phone sales consultation, you may want to track leads over completed income within your goals.

After all, your internet site is tailored to generate leads for further verbal exchange and income, now not direct income all through itself.

Set your goals in order that they’re sensible and workable, while additionally pushing you to best your website online content and income funnels.


Within Conversions, you’ll see the eCommerce phase. This is specially for organizations which are promoting bodily or digital products on their websites.

Within the Overview document, you’ll discover eCommerce conversion charges, your common order fee, quantity of merchandise bought and particular purchases.

You can access your Product Performance record to examine how character merchandise perform in opposition to each different. This is a exceptional manner to spot seasonal trends and determine how pricing modifications effect income.

To take a look at your overall sales, pull up the Sales Performance Report. This will wreck down each day sales performance facts and metrics.

Beyond those sections, you could dive into the Transaction report and Time to Purchase.

Multi-Channel Funnels

When you need to peer a complete view of a consumer’s journey and route in your internet site, use Multi-Channel Funnels.

This segment well-knownshows what actions a website traveler took that lead to their conversion, consisting of:

Signing up for your publication

Downloading an informational guide

Reading a particular weblog post

Access the Overview document to look an typical summary of ways each advertising and marketing channel drives conversions on your internet site and which channels make a contribution the most visitors conversions.

If you discover that free social media posts are converting some distance greater than your paid or promoted posts, you might recall focusing greater efforts on your loose campaigns.


This section has handiest one record. It’s referred to as the Model Comparison Tool.

Use the Model Comparison Tool when you want to get an information of the variations in conversion rates whilst you change attribution.

For example, permit’s say you wrote a blog submit that became driving a variety of customers in your conversion touchdown page. Let’s also say that you used a paid social media publish to force customers to that landing page.

Your first thought is probably that the blog submit ought to receive the conversion attribution. But in reality, the paid social media publish changed into the primary contact factor you had with the conversion.

Attributes permit you to appropriately see how conversion numbers trade while an appropriate attribute is carried out.

What Is Google Analytics For WordPress?

In a nutshell, Google Analytics for WordPress is virtually using Google Analytics in your WordPress website. Since WordPress is the maximum popular content material management machine in existence these days, there are a ton of techniques and gear out there to apply Google Analytics for WordPress.

For instance, Google Analytics for WordPress is made even extra convenient with one of the exceptional WordPress Google Analytics plugins. These WordPress analytics plugins assist you put into effect Google Analytics monitoring or even let you view your records directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.

One excellent WordPress Google Analytics plugin is Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by way of MonsterInsights.

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